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  1. nrk⠀

    Bedrock Why is Cubecraft always known as "that laggy server"?

    I get into conversations and debates with the Hive network die-hards about which server is more fun for pvp. Believe me, I really want to defend cubecraft, but when I just see it lag and compare it to the buttery smooth server performance and player movement of hive, I cant help but acknowledge...
  2. nrk⠀

    Bedrock remove the projectile cooldown + delay

    bedrock has this weird quirk where theres a slight delay when throwing projectiles. Im referring to 2 different things when I say "delay" and "cooldown" though. If youve ever shot arrows/thrown snowballs in java edition, you know that they are a lot smoother than in bedrock. In java edition they...
  3. nrk⠀

    All Networks Server Regions

    Many of you all probably know exactly why I am writing this suggestion (that likely won't ever come to fruition in the near future because even popular suggestions rarely get feedback from the people in power to approve such a change, but let's hope this post proves that notion wrong). It's...
  4. nrk⠀

    Bedrock i <3 cc

  5. nrk⠀

    Bedrock Disable server-authoritative inventory checks

    Bedrock 1.16 changed how inventory management works between the client and the server. For all those bedrock players out there, you may have noticed some server-side lag when trying to open your inventory. Now, in order to open it, the server first needs to validate the action sent by the...
  6. nrk⠀

    why is knockback on the bedrock network a joke

    half the time, hitting a player in the same direction 5 times over knocks him or her back a block. everyone is lagging all over the place (server side) and its a mess. I dont have this issue on other servers like the hive. At this point, im looking forward to hive skywars because their server...
  7. nrk⠀

    Bedrock Let rubik know that there are more bugs and stability issues to fix

    I should not need to put much effort into nor explain what this suggestion pertains to. As many bedrock players may have noticed, a large number bugs were one-by-one starting to become patched on the network over the past month or so. While I am especially grateful for rubik's actions, and while...
  8. nrk⠀

    Bedrock Issues with Mega Skywars

    The unforeseen release of mega skywars has in turn caused many players to flock to the game mode, and for what I believe to be a good reason. I should preface by stating I am actually very fond of this gamemode, I think its a great idea that can really go somewhere. However, of course, it still...
  9. nrk⠀

    Bedrock Modify player knockback to be nonrandomized

    Starting in bedrock version 1.13.0 and above, knockback was changed to a scale of randomness. To prove this, here is a screenshot of the 1.16 beta changelog. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DA36iFGJ0THZI8nTV7szfd3th49yFaTE 1.12.1 bedrock is in many ways java's 1.8.9. PVP was much more based...
  10. nrk⠀

    Bedrock Remove the villagers for skywars and eggwars

    The addition of villagers to change skins in-game for skywars wasn't exactly recent, but the frustration I experience when accidentally right-clicking on them during skywar matches is ever-so present and BEYOND INFURIATING. Frankly, I would bet not a single player even asked for the addition of...
  11. nrk⠀

    discord unban appeal

    I got banned just yesterday after I was warned for talking in staff help without needing help. The thing is, I was told I would be banned nearly 10 days ago and I only as banned recently. Since that interim, I haven't talked in staff help, and for the times I was, It was a very small message...
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