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  1. Levi_the_pro

    Java Changes to normal mode (Eggwars)

    Hello I have the suggestion of making changes to normal mode in eggwars making the items cheaper. I just find the op and normal mode both not good its like the items in normal are too expensive but the items in OP are too good like it's to hard to kill a geared player and players can stack too...
  2. Levi_the_pro

    Resolved Cubelets

    Hello peoples question can I even get good items above rare from a normal cubelet? Or anyone know the chances of getting every item ( like common uncommon legendary) from a cubelet?
  3. Levi_the_pro

    Java New shrek hat

    Make a new shrek hat the old one is not gettable anymore in cubelets and I feel bad for all the kids who are new and can't get the shrek. Shrek hat is the best hat and many people can't get it, this is the main reason people leave the server, they can't get the shrek hat anymore. Here below you...
  4. Levi_the_pro

    Java Teammate leaves Colony control

    I'm pretty sure this isnt a thing yet but correct me if i'm wrong but I want if your teammate in colony control leaves or gets disconnected or kicked his gold and food gets split over the other teammates.
  5. Levi_the_pro

    Java Play again among slimes

    Hello, simple suggestion when you die as crewmate in among slimes make the play again menu pop up so I don't have to keep going to the lobby and pressing the npc again. Also when you get vote out as imposter
  6. Levi_the_pro

    Java Seeing level in profiles

    Would be nice to also have levels shown in the profile when right clicking someone. Sometimes I am just in lobby clicking random people looking them stats so then they dont talk in chat so I don't know theyre level would just be nice to also have it on here.
  7. Levi_the_pro

    Colony control

    Is colony control a temp or perm game?
  8. Levi_the_pro

    Java Among slimes inspect sample

    Hello I am Levi the pro and I have the suggestion to add a counter or a message how long till the inspect sample minute is over and you can go and complete it or a message which says like minute is over you can now finish task. Cause atm you have to guess if the minute is over would be better if...
  9. Levi_the_pro

    Ghosting in Among Slimes

    Quick question: What is the punishment track for ghosting in Among slimes? Is it the same as trolling? Another question: Can I report people for doing emergency first second saying theyre the imposter when theyre not or they just say vote me so they can go in another game and keep the same...
  10. Levi_the_pro

    Java Autobalance Blockwars

    Hello, I am Levi_the_pro and I am once again making a suggestion for Blockwars. I believe auto-balancing before a game should be used more often for example in a 7v4 It doesn't get auto balanced when a 7v4 is a large disadvantage for the team of 4 they will probably have less fun cause they have...
  11. Levi_the_pro

    Java Change blockwars map Pirates

    Hello I am Levi_the_pro and I want cubecraft to change the map pirates on blockwars java because the map is unfair the one team has an advantage over the other team because of how the map is made. How is the map unfair? The map is unfair in 2 ways which I both want to be changed. The 1st way...
  12. Levi_the_pro

    Java Ninja kit blockwars

    You used to were able to see peoples sword when they used the cloak on the ninja kit idk when this changed but it changed and it sucks. Please revert this back since the ninja kit is now waay to good since you cant even see them hit you. It's dumb that they even changed this. You just get killed...
  13. Levi_the_pro

    team survival games

    Why is team survival games 1.9 only its a pvp gamemode?
  14. Levi_the_pro

    talk before game

    I dont think people see my messages before solo skywars start but in lucky islands people cna see messages and I see others too. Is this just me or this problem for everyone if only me how to fix?
  15. Levi_the_pro

    new maps

    Why do i get the maps wiring and sandcastle like 50% of the time in solo skywars? It feels like I get this new maps way more often than other better maps why is this?
  16. Levi_the_pro

    Point multiplier

    Hello when was the multiplier active for eggwars update cause when I look in tab it says 2x points but I dont get 2x the points.
  17. Levi_the_pro

    Swearing on forums

    Hello, I have a question why can I not post a meme or video with swearing I have done this before and it gets removed but when a person posts his YouTube video with swearing it's allowed? Very weird situation and I would like to receive some support with if this is a exception to the rule or how...
  18. Levi_the_pro

    All Networks Winstreak

    Hello I am Levi_the_pro and I want winstreak to get added to cubecraft. How this will work: Cubecraft will count the wins a row a player gets and that will be showed in statistics. Why this should be added: This stat will make players play more and grind more for a winstreak this will make...
  19. Levi_the_pro

    All Networks Troll voting

    Make it bannable to troll vote and then leave. People vote hardcore triple health and then instantly leave and it ruins the game.
  20. Levi_the_pro


    I saw in the rules it is not allowed to edit registry. Why not? What does this do?
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