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  1. YeaUhm


    Amazing map wumbert! :D
  2. YeaUhm


  3. YeaUhm

    My Introduction

    Good job man! Congratulations :D
  4. YeaUhm

    Coding Behind the Cube #1 - Feelin' Lucky

    Very well explained! Good job! (:
  5. YeaUhm

    Electrifying Lucky Islands Update!

    Great update! Looks awesome ngl :pun:
  6. YeaUhm

    Survival Games Duos Released! 🛡️⚔️

    Finally Survival games duo’s, waited for this so long already! 🥳
  7. YeaUhm

    Lucky Blocks Rank - Out now! 🍀🤞

    Good job! I’ll definitely consider buying this rank :pun:
  8. YeaUhm

    Introduction - 7 years late!

    Dang, 2014 is a while ago! Welcome back :D
  9. YeaUhm

    Who I am

    Hi Georgi! Such a nice introduction! Enjoy your stay on the forums! :D
  10. YeaUhm

    new forum smilies (very cool) (epic)

    Always fun, new fancy emojis :monkeylook:😍
  11. YeaUhm

    Introducing our new Developers - #SPOILERS

    Hypeeee! :cube_light:
  12. YeaUhm

    Translations now meet Java and Bedrock! 🌎🎉

    Amazing job!
  13. YeaUhm

    5 Weeks of Summer - Part 5! ☀

    Those maps look awesome! Unfortunately we’re at 5/5 :(
  14. YeaUhm

    EggWars Update Followup

    Good to see this changes already, I’d like the update. The only thing that was quite irritating were the autobridges. Also the emerald gens should be removed, as it’s just too OP for campers at mid late-game
  15. YeaUhm

    Java Add KB sticks/swords to Eggwars Beta! [SUGGESTION]

    Hi all! Today I’ve got another suggestion, this time for Eggwars (Beta). What’s my idea? I thought, why wouldn’t it be fun to add a KB stick/sword to Eggwars Beta? What will it do with the game experience? I’m sure it would be pretty fun if there’s a KB stick. At first, there are...
  16. YeaUhm

    Bedrock Put an anti cheat, that if it works

    There are loads of client developers that are focusing on creating hacked clients that bypass the Anti-cheat (Sentinel). Due a long time of Sentinel development inactivity (Since there were no Anti-cheat devs for a specific amount of time) The client developers got their time to create a good...
  17. YeaUhm

    Video Dont watch this

    This is just high quality content 🤣 The only thing that you could improve is the sound quality, but that’s just a small thing. Keep it up! I’ll definitely stay watching your vids :)
  18. YeaUhm

    Video yes

    Cool save, ngl :D
  19. YeaUhm

    Redstone Marketplace Highlight - Sport Resort 🎾

    Yess Bedrock! :)
  20. YeaUhm

    Video Don't try to teamgrief me. Or else.

    Looool 🤣
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