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  1. ItsSennee

    Video Clutch agains 10 people!

    Clutching a game of eggwars against 10 people!
  2. ItsSennee

    Video Insane Games!

    New video out!
  3. ItsSennee

    100K points!

    I hit 100.000 Points!
  4. ItsSennee

    Video Christmas Editon!

  5. ItsSennee

    Cages and hats

    Hey I have been thinking about this idea for a long time. You know we have a system with the armor in the lobby where you can see which armor you are missing. So I was thinking about maybe adding the system for cages and hats as well. This way people can know which hats or cages they are...
  6. ItsSennee

    Insane kill game in space

    When ure playing with a good team!
  7. ItsSennee

    Video xHakan vs ItsNinjaa

    Go check out this insane fighting video between 2 eggwars players!
  8. ItsSennee

    Dominating eggwars!

    When people think they can play a normal game of eggwars!
  9. ItsSennee

    Video Level 100 special!

    Everyone that helped me come so for I wanna thank you for helping me!
  10. ItsSennee

    Level 100!

    Thanks to Loubey, ItsFadedAway, ItsNinjaa and Uitdaging for helping me!
  11. ItsSennee


    Is this spawn killing I do think so! It is not me my name is ItsSennee!
  12. ItsSennee

    Java Labymod reports

    Hello It should be nice if players could actually report when they using labymod. The way I should do it is by recording it and showing off your tags on camera. I know people will try to edit a clip inside with no tags on it but if the staff looks good I think they can spot the difference! If u...
  13. ItsSennee

    Beating Admin and Designer

    I beated a Admin an a Designer!
  14. ItsSennee

    Video 100 Lucky island wins!

    100 Lucky island wins!
  15. ItsSennee

    50K Coins!

    Achieving 50K coins! 💎
  16. ItsSennee

    Tryhard be like

    Thryhards be like!
  17. ItsSennee

    He kept me there for 30 mins!

    30 minutes of waiting!
  18. ItsSennee

    Video New Video

    All Kits Achievements!
  19. ItsSennee

    Battle Zone

    Dominating Battle Zone With ItsNinjaa 20 Team kills!
  20. ItsSennee

    Admin plays with me!

    Admin party's me!
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