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  1. Quetzi

    Bedrock map update

    Hello CubeCrafters, Today we're happy to announce that we're releasing another 4 maps on our Bedrock network today! Lets have a look at the new maps: Circuit - SkyWars Solo Stay on track to win the game! Golf - EggWars Solo Foooooooore CubeCraft Greek - Survival Games ...
  2. Quetzi

    Java Old lobby maps

    That isn't how that works. We don't run only 1 server on each machine there are several, what type of server each one is doesn't really make a difference. As we said at the time removing those lobbies was one of the steps that we took to improve the player experience.
  3. Quetzi

    All Networks allow use of reddit in report evidence

    Why would you be posting report evidence to Reddit? That isn't what Reddit is for.
  4. Quetzi

    Java Halloween custom maps

    Maps...oh! See I knew we were missing something @Camezonda xD
  5. Quetzi

    Java Old lobby maps

    I'm curious, where did you dream this up?
  6. Quetzi

    All Networks Bots AntiHackers

    Unlike other networks our anti-cheat monitors all players all the time. The report system is intended to cover instances where that monitoring is not sufficient, so 'sending a bot' to monitor a player that it has already not detected would be quite pointless and would only serve as a placebo.
  7. Quetzi

    Web Being transparent about suggestions

    As others have said, the tag that you've requested and described is what the escalated tag is. Regarding giving you information about dates of future releases before they happen, not going to happen I'm afraid. With a network as large as this there can often be unforeseen complications which...
  8. Quetzi


    The way the voting perk works for Plus is not how I envisaged it working. However, the page doesn't say that you get to vote on things that you couldn't already vote on, just that the votes that you do cast count twice.
  9. Quetzi

    Bedrock Suggestion/Issue On Bedrock.

    As with all Marketplace skins that include custom geometry we need to manually add approval for them before we allow them to be used on the server. This is so that skins/models that would add an unfair advantage in a PvP context are disallowed. As this one doesn't give an unfair advantage (the...
  10. Quetzi

    Java A multilingual swearword censor!

    This is already in place, the chat filter already catches phrases in several different languages.
  11. Quetzi

    Bedrock Hacker flying around in Skywars, "Sentinel is watching"? (Video).

    We don't discriminate, all players are able to report via either the website or the forums, depending on whether you are a Bedrock or a Java player. When a player is reported via the /report command, that report is reviewed by an actual moderator, if one is available. The most reliable way to...
  12. Quetzi

    Java Add Club CubeCraft to every lobby!

    Just be thankful it's not still on fire :)
  13. Quetzi

    Java CubeCraft should quit the hollering and bring back CubeCraft

    Keeping 1 of each map open for every game constantly just isn't feasible, the result of trying to do that would mean that games would start a lot slower than currently and some may not start at all. The playing experience would be terrible, something that we'd like to avoid. I appreciate that...
  14. Quetzi

    This happens when your login token expires. To fix it you need to close the game (and launcher)...

    This happens when your login token expires. To fix it you need to close the game (and launcher) and restart.
  15. Quetzi

    Java CubeCraft should quit the hollering and bring back CubeCraft

    Yep, aware of the CTF vs Core thing :)
  16. Quetzi

    Java CubeCraft should quit the hollering and bring back CubeCraft

    If BlockWars shows that it has a large enough player base to support it being a full time game, we'll obviously review it as we have done in the past with other featured games. As of right now, BlockWars (either flavour of it) is not the most popular featured game, but that doesn't mean we...
  17. Quetzi

    Battle Zone is back!

    Obviously I can't comment too much on this, but I'd like to see how the game performs with squads. While it is nice to add different modes of the same game, you do need to consider that by doing that you are splitting the community for that game up each time you add a mode, potentially leaving...
  18. Quetzi

    Battle Zone is back!

    Yes, we have and Block Wars was not even the most popular featured game. Now, let's not derail this thread.
  19. Quetzi

    Battle Zone is back!

    Well, currently Battle Zone as a featured game is performing better than BlockWars ever did (and it's not been out for long). As ever, we'll continue to monitor how our featured games perform so that we can make informed decisions about where to allocate developer time. I look forward to seeing...
  20. Quetzi

    False discord ban

    Hi, I banned you because not only were you misusing #staff-help to give (bad) grammar advice, you were being argumentative and disrespectful towards the staff team, which I note you continue to do here. As it appears that you have not yet learned your lesson from this, your ban will remain in...
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