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  1. Shindou

    I challenge you to climb this tree

    In Eggwars lobby, there's a tree. It's easily possible to climb it halfway to the top with ladders and simple block jumps. But to make it to the top, you have to block glitch up, find a lot of new ways to go and make hard jumps and all that before the Eggwars game starts. After trying for a...
  2. Shindou

    Is this glitch abuse?

    So, there is a general minecraft server glitch that you can mine a block below you whole shifting over the edge. The you fall 1 block and land on whatever is below. You can also climb some walls like this, by mining the block and jumping on it. In cubecraft games this isn't allowed I'm certain...
  3. Shindou

    Translator applications Spanish and Dutch

    In the translator application post it says the applications for Spanish and Dutch are closed. But I heard from someone they saw new Spanish and Dutch translators join through applications. How come?
  4. Shindou

    Java Bring Bingo back

    A while ago on cubecraft there was the game bingo, I really enjoyed playing it with my friends and it was really fun doing something different than the usual PvP. The game is all about teamwork and strategy. As example: which row your team will go for and who gets which item. Plus since the...
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