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    Discord Ingame-Reporting channel.

    My opinion: Keep it the way it is now
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    Java Death messages for obsidian rank

    I think the death messages is specially for the plus rank. But some now stuff would be nice ;)
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    Java Game Specific Banners / Seasonal Banners

    Well worked out, I like that idea ;)
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    All Networks Balloon

    At this moment, you have to hold the lead in your hand. If you put the lead in the other hand. You can use everything else.
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    All Networks Balloon

    Addition: The lead is automatically in your other hand ;)
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    All Networks Balloon

    Hi there, Maybe it is an idea, that you can swipe the lead, to hold your balloon, to another hand. So you can use the other tools in your inventory, while you hold the balloon in your other hand. Sincerely, Robin
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    All Networks Anti Cheat

    I agree. In some games there are a lot of hackers. And it looks likes the AntiCheat does not work on them.
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    Java /report in Obsidian Rank

    I think the staff-team is not big enough for that. Also, the staff-team is getting a big load of reports. So, I think it is better to allow the /report command only for the PLUS rank.
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