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  1. Vict0r

    Tower Defense Balance Suggestion

    Hello, Have you ever tried to save money for Leach tower in the Normal Pricing game type? If you have, maybe you will think (like me) that the Leach tower is way too expensive and not affordable. How can that Leach tower be improved? In my opinion, the first cost (Level one) can be reduced (...
  2. Vict0r

    Web Suggestion | Captcha edit

    Hello, I want to start that I have not read all the guides about how to suggest something correctly (and I am so sorry for). Have you ever tried to log into cubecraft.net (the website) with mobile phone (It does not matter with WiFi or 4G)? So if you are, you probably know that you have to...
  3. Vict0r

    Tower Defense Suggestion: Kicking with sufficient votes

    Hello, I have played Tower Defense a lot and I realized (as probably every player in TD) that there are a few players that are playing the game with the purpose to ruin the game (randomly placing towers etc.). Soo... What is my suggestion about? In some of the most popular shooting games...
  4. Vict0r

    What's your favorite attack?

    Hello! I have played tower defense a lot and I have played mainly defense (building turrets etc.). Please, tell me about your playstyle while attacking (with up to 3 players) and explain why that strategy is good. I tried sending blazes but archer towers with path 2 stop them so easy.
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