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  1. funkemunky

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test Version 2!

    That's because the new change wasn't deployed properly. The change is now released and it should be fully deployed in about 30 minutes after this message.
  2. funkemunky

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test Version 2!

    test - this is only temporary
  3. funkemunky

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test Version 2!

    Hey Bedrock CubeCrafters! Today, we're releasing our second version of our Experimental Knockback! After reading all of your feedback on our initial release thread, we have decided to make a few changes! Read on to find out more... 👀 📜 Changelog! - Decreased vertical knockback slightly: We did...
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  5. funkemunky

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    I should add to this that for some reason this is also an issue in Java Edition on 1.16. I'm beginning to wonder if this is an intentional thing they added considering it's two completely different teams working on each game, running completely different game engines in completely different...
  6. funkemunky

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    Actually the vertical knockback is what allows the combos. When a player is knocked into the air, they are unable to resist the velocity applied. We tried it with less vertical and more horizontal and found it basically made everything worse in most situations. Can you explain to me what is...
  7. funkemunky

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    I actually have the vertical knockback the way it is for combos. Here's a video highlighting how one would combo:
  8. funkemunky

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

  9. funkemunky

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    Hey Bedrock CubeCrafters! Today, we're super excited to introduce to you our first edition of the Knockback test! We've been working pretty hard to get this rolling - we've mentioned in our community talk about Bedrock that we're wanting to involve you guys with these tests before implementing...
  10. funkemunky

    Among Slimes Update - New map, new tasks, and much more!

    Awesome job on the update! Can't wait to continue playing with even more to do!
  11. funkemunky

    Expressing my gratitude

    Thank you so much that means a lot! I had a lot of fun doing the SocCast with you and I'd be happy to do another video with you.
  12. funkemunky

    Bedrock Hacker denied

    The moderator was absolutely correct in denying your report since your screenshots definitely are not fool-proof. However, I took the liberty of looking up the user you reported and found that he indeed was cheating based on his Sentinel logs. He is now banned :) EDIT: He was automatically...
  13. funkemunky

    Java Among Slimes - Wires Suggestion!

    Not a bad idea, I'll make sure to link this on our game dev chat to see what the others think.
  14. funkemunky

    All Networks People can report bugs- Can you let them fix them too?

    I really like the idea since it's very cool, but it would never happen. Our contracts as developers are currently written where work we submit is held in ownership by CubeCraft. This makes sense because, well, they paid us for it. Open sourcing CubeCraft not only wouldn't make financial sense...
  15. funkemunky

    Java Add no lunar client to rules.

    We will likely be implementing an automatic message when they join with Lunar Client to warn the user to use a different client. People also have trouble reading the rules page itself based on many, many Sentinel appeals... Locked
  16. funkemunky

    Bedrock Update the punishment for cheaters

    Oof just you wait my friend I've done it before :))))))) (Also yes Sentinel already gets a lot of ghost-client like cheats). Try testing on us.kauri.ac if you're curious. The suggestion is it would be automatic and only done when its a permanent ban. And if this were to be implemented what...
  17. funkemunky

    Resolved Plz unban me

    Appeals, then if denied Sentinel Conversations are the correct place to go. - Thread locked
  18. funkemunky

    Bedrock The problem

    Accurate. We are currently stocking up on Bedrock staff though and do have plans to implement the feature. On the /report, you are 100% accurate. When it comes to how we handle translations, as far as I know all hologram text is displayed per player. Responding to OP about his per-lobby...
  19. funkemunky

    Coding Behind the Cube #2 - Sentinel

    Enough to where I've stunted my growth and my bones are brittle
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