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  1. lemons12345677

    Hackers on server 2

    If anyone wants to come on to kit- pvp server 2 right now I saw 3 people with OBVIOUS fly hacks. Also, it's kicking the wrong poeple. I guess there's a bug cause it kicks me for using fly hacks (I'm not) .
  2. lemons12345677

    Knockback Hacks?

    I was just attacking some random person, and then it said that I was using knockback hacks and it kicked me. I was not using knockback hacks. I swear on my mothers grave. It happens to other people too. Hope this can be fixed!
  3. lemons12345677


    I don't know about anyone else, but on all the parts of the server I've been on, the lag has been out of this world. I haven't been in all parts of the server, but in Kit-PvP, skyblock and creative the lag is insane.. and don't try the whole "It's your computer thing". Others have agreed with me...
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