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  1. BiggestNoob7

    Bedrock Too much lag!

    I seen one java thread about mineware lag issues then I also realised there's same problem on bedrock too so here's im posting this thread Lag in mineware is being so unrealistic not for mobiles also for pc and controller players start of every round make us fly and we are just hanging in the...
  2. BiggestNoob7

    "Cube" Map For The Bridges

    MAP : CUBE Owners : @SNOWINGCake983 and @BiggestNoob7 We got the concept for this map from cubecraft logo and also players need more different maps in The Bridges so we build this map That was our dream to build map for cubecraft and play in server we are so excited to see your reaction tell...
  3. BiggestNoob7

    Why is Eggwars lobby crashing?

    So in bedrock edition players in Eggwars lobby using block Glitch to climb to the top of the lobby I think it's happening cause players breaking blocks which don't need to be broke and lobby crashing Today lobby 1,2,3,4,5 lobbies are crashed at same time which is big rip so thats why I wrote...
  4. BiggestNoob7

    Video Eggwars Duos No Armor Challenge In First Try xD

    It's not that difficult but I think it's cool cause I'm in mobile so here is the video be sure to like and subscribe ( if you like it no force 🙂 ) Bai!
  5. BiggestNoob7

    Video What u think it's epic?

    @SNOWINGCake983 POV @BiggestNoob7 POV
  6. BiggestNoob7

    Video Cubecraft Duels All Kits Gamplay With Best Particals Pack

    First of all thank you so much Cubecraft for adding this it was well requested gamemode Im The first one to uploald Pog I played with sharpness particals packs one of the best pack I have ever seen Also going to upload FFA Gamplay tommorow so stay tuned plz watch it once and comment what you...
  7. BiggestNoob7

    Fix This!

    I found this damage indicator is showing of my teammate but theres no one and I got scared lol I think it's small problem it should be fix
  8. BiggestNoob7

    Video Cubecraft Bridges first Gamplay out now 🤯✌️

    This gamemode in so amazing that I can't wait to rec more game or edit I wanna to upload quickly so here it is I think I'm first lol Here's the video : If you like it plz consider subscribe helps me ton cya and Thank you cubecraft for this amazing gamemode ✌️👋
  9. BiggestNoob7

    Bedrock Getting The Bridge Tommorow 🤯🥳

    Cubecraft Announced there starting bridge tommorow they just announced 30min ago I can't wait now OH MY GOD 😍 what's ur reaction ru guys so excited as me reply im curious to know
  10. BiggestNoob7

    Count to 100k till Christmas event!

    Let's start 1 to 100k till Christmas event!
  11. BiggestNoob7

    Video One of my best Eggwars funny and intense edited video

    One of my best funny and intense edited video it is good plz watch it once and I'm 2 subs away from 200 so u can subscribe if you like it ❤️
  12. BiggestNoob7

    Video My 1100th Eggwars win with more than 11 sweats

    My 1100th Eggwars squad win with more than 11 sweat/pro my teammate leaving one by one and another one keep getting added so why not making video Im so close to 200 subs just do it if you not and you like too Plz watch it: :)
  13. BiggestNoob7

    Bedrock Do we need this game mode? PLZ Vote I want this game mode

    Recently Admin team announced the spoiler of a new game mode called "among slimes" which is gonna live if it goes over 3000 reacts so java has a chnace to get this game So my question is do we need this in bedrock? Personally I need it so much Vote if you like to see this gamemode too in...
  14. BiggestNoob7

    Video Skywars Dous but everyone is in mid and 7 kills

    Just wanna to say you would like it cause song is mixing well in some points and all players are at mid So I hope you all like the video 😀 comment ur suggestions and be honest idc what u guys gonna say cause ik I'm bad lol😂 Some glitch happen my likes not going up it would be great if you guys...
  15. BiggestNoob7

    Video My 1000th Eggwars squde win but I'm alone in hardcore mode 😱

    That's my 1000th win so I guess let's make it harder so I decided to play on hardcore alone without party But I was wrong I just win in First game and that's my 1000th win feel free to check it out Video :
  16. BiggestNoob7

    Bedrock Fix This No Kb Bug PLEASE 🙏😭

    Im getting so angry on this no kb bug all players who knows that sit on the edge of block and throw us of in to the void This happen with me more than 5 times now and I'm asking for some help please fix this no kb when u stand on edge of a block! If this bug got fix all players will be so...
  17. BiggestNoob7

    Bedrock New Ui Some Questions I Have About That

    New Ui add Profile pics so my first question is 1.is there any chance of that we can select our own skin in our profile pic? 2.Is Profile pic changes everytime? 3.is there any new thing came beside of profile pic and cosmetics? That's it for now 😁
  18. BiggestNoob7

    Video Mod(Truu) VS Helper(PineappleMan) Official Video Out!!

    That's The Video Of Truu Calichin (Mod) VS PineappleMan408 (Helper) The Game starts at 3:00 around I hope you all like it.
  19. BiggestNoob7

    Video First Time Cubecraft Mod VS Helper

    Im gonna upload the video in under 3 hours Mod : truu calichin Helper : Pineapple Man Mod vs helper who gonna win subscribe my channel to get notified when I upload My channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoabpzYTGY2lK4W8M_aeChA
  20. BiggestNoob7

    Bedrock Am I Pro Now?

    I got more than 1000 wins I hope I'm pro reply me what you guys thought
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