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  1. dev_sda1

    How fast can you type?

    I could probably reach 120wpm quite easily when I have a decent enough keyboard. How about anyone else here?
  2. dev_sda1

    Anyone else here KVM/virtualize their setup?

    I'm probably pandering to an extremely niche audience here but I'm genuinely curious to see if anyone else here runs Linux as their main OS with Windows/Other in KVM? If so, have you had any issues playing stuff like MC? Could never get more than 30/40fps max with passthrough :v (ELI5 for...
  3. dev_sda1

    dev_sda1 // Introduction

    Hey! My name is dev_sda1, look up the word "geek" in the dictionary and i'm probably the first definition that's listed. I'm 17 and have ran a home server out of a Dell Optiplex for about 2 years, although it's currently out of action until I can get a new PSU in, along with a a VPS that runs a...
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