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  1. Oplahsito

    WEE woo 1st page

    I made it to the 1st page on the teams lucky islands woooooo. Thnx to my awesome teammates espeicially Diablo_romeo, skyhope and many other names. Thank you guys for all the support and see you when I hit 10k wins wink wink
  2. Oplahsito

    Never thought I'll get this far lol

    Never thought this would happen, reach the halfway to 10k win, 30k kills and level 100, all that in one day. Couldn't be more amazing!
  3. Oplahsito

    Sometimes it's tough being the best

    Have just reached 30k kills today, and If you wish to defeat me train for another 200 years! But fr though, it was a good run, got that in 7 months and still hungry for more.
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