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  1. xBadCappisito_

    is my friend banned?

    A friend that just bought a minecraft account, he can't play now, bc hes traveling, I can't too, so I search that nick on Appeals on appels.cubecraft and I see that, hes account have 2 bans, for cheating, but I don't know if That account are current banned. Can any staff be able to help me? the...
  2. xBadCappisito_

    Java 'The Competitive SkyWars'

    __________________________________________ -English: Good morning, today I would like to present my proposal; 'The Competitive SkyWars' Introduction: THE PROPOSAL WILL BE IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH, ENGLISH AT THE TOP AND SPANISH AT THE BOTTOM SEPARATED BY A LINE, THIS IN ORDER TO BE UNDERSTOOD...
  3. xBadCappisito_

    Please ban this guy

    I make a report with this video it Is obviusly hacking, and the report was closed, please if any mod or something else can revise that again. I think is obviusly. Good Mornings Pd: He was teamming with another hack: SrCarterr
  4. xBadCappisito_


    Most people and I include myself, the truth notes that there are not many maps and the truth that they have put the maps of before we love but the bad thing is that it is only for a week, I honestly do not know why they do not put it to always, if all complain that there is not much variety and...
  5. xBadCappisito_

    All Networks MiniLobby - Simple PvP Games

    Mini-lobby: Not every player have a better pc, an example of that is me, i have 3gb ram and a potatoe graphics, I can join every game but in the lobby I have lag, and I know that others players have worst pc, like 1GB ram and worst graphics, and they can´t join every server that have much...
  6. xBadCappisito_

    All Networks Leaderboard?

    Leaderboard: With the new lobby update, I dont see the leaderboard of any game. Some play more time on the server to be in the leaderboard. Because is something special and a reward of your work, well... something like that, Suggestion: Some players and me, want a leaderboard of everygame, you...
  7. xBadCappisito_

    All Networks The ''new'' cubecraft

    This update I think crash the server, I know that many minecraft player's now aren't playing minecraft but think this, the new popular game is Fortnite I hate that game but is only the famous game I this year so think like me, later, all that players are beginning to play minecraft again so in...
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