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  1. ❄️🎄GroeneBanaan🎄❄️

    All Networks Solo Skywars Skywars: Snowmen

    I'm going to be honest. You really ruined the center island of the Snowmen map. Please bring the old Center Island.
  2. ❄️🎄GroeneBanaan🎄❄️

    Bring Eggwars X-MAS party map TO JAVA

    CubeCraft added the X-MAS map at Christmas 2020!!! But unfortunately only for Bedrock again. Should they add the Party map to Java anyway?
  3. ❄️🎄GroeneBanaan🎄❄️

    Cubecraft Pre-lobby's on Java

    Almost everyone knows that the pre-lobbies have been added to the Bedrock network, but many people want the lobbies to come to the Java network as well (me too). Cubecraft plans to start when the player's peak hits 8k. So it may take a long time before the lobbies come to Java. What do you...
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