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  1. Naitzirch

    CubeCraft Achievements and Status

    Hi everyone! This thread lists all CubeCraft's achievements. You could never look up the achievements if you were outside of the game, that's why I made this thread. If it was a featured game that wasn't featured at that moment, you couldn't look them up at all. Those are listed here too...
  2. Naitzirch

    Every block from Skyblock removed

    Hey everyone! I removed every block from my skyblock profile just for giggles 🤭 Watch the video here: Not a hidden quest after all 👀 ~Naitzirch
  3. Naitzirch

    Enchantment Mechanics

    The Problem Skyblock's enchantment mechanics are currently unclear. This makes it difficult to research what the best combination of enchantments would be. For example, the protection enchantment's description tells you it increases melee damage resistance (in contrast to vanilla where it...
  4. Naitzirch

    Item limit

    Hi, could a helper / moderator inform me about what the item limit is exactly and how it works? One time the item limit showed when I broke 5 chests, the other time when I broke 3. I thought maybe the server checks whether some limit has been reached on a certain interval like once every...
  5. Naitzirch

    Escalated Right-click to invite friends

    Description As it is not always possible to autocomplete your friend's name when you invite them to your party, I thought it would be a nice feature to be able to right click their name in your friend list to send them a party invite. Mock-up This would allow you to send party invites to the...
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