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  1. _Sadlyyy

    Just playing Eggwars

    Just playing Eggwars
  2. _Sadlyyy

    Secret ;)

    Secret ;)
  3. _Sadlyyy

    Waiting for good think !?

    Waiting for good think !?
  4. _Sadlyyy

    PvP Mini Update

    Yeah But I'm know this <3
  5. _Sadlyyy


  6. _Sadlyyy


    Yeah, 1.8 Have Many Hacker's annoying. If you saw a hacker take a video and send reports.cubecraft.net/report . Staff member's help you ;)
  7. _Sadlyyy

    Ranked/Unranked Class

    Good Idea <3 /
  8. _Sadlyyy

    2k Winss!! :D

    Congratulations! :)
  9. _Sadlyyy

    New Experimental EggWars Mode: No Void!

    Pls Come Double Egg mod :/
  10. _Sadlyyy

    PvP Mini Update

    Awsome Uptade
  11. _Sadlyyy

    Ban & Mute Lookup, Appeals & Stats Website Update!

    New Design Is Amazing
  12. _Sadlyyy

    New and old skywars

    Hmm. You are true
  13. _Sadlyyy

    New and old skywars

    I am hardly one play Skywars but iT's Good (Back Old SKYWARS)
  14. _Sadlyyy


    Great , But Two Egg Mod Good than No Void
  15. _Sadlyyy

    EggWars maps - Give us feedback!

    Favorite maps: 1.Mansion (Team) = Fast Play with my friend 2.Pizza (Team) = Small but Good map <3 3.Mine(Solo) = Fast Play Least Favorite maps: 1.UnderDaSea (Team) = Too much space between al the islands! 2.Teaparty (Team) = Long play 3.Aztec (Team) = Long play
  16. _Sadlyyy

    Suggestions Compilation

    Auto Vote And Auto GG To add Plus rank Auto Vote is Changable. On join Automaticly vote
  17. _Sadlyyy

    New Experimental EggWars Mode: No Void!

    Diffirent Mod : So GOOD :)
  18. _Sadlyyy

    Video freebuild on skywars :D

    Nice Build :)
  19. _Sadlyyy

    punch bow

    Opinion 3 Is not Good. Because You can get the shield, It's cheap
  20. _Sadlyyy

    Eggwars dead?

    Why Dead ?
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