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  1. ShinySanta

    Cubecraft Awards 2020!

    Note: This is not an official competition! ☃️: The last month of the year has started and we are getting closer to 2021! 2020 has been an amazing year for cubecraft, the community and the staff team! Cubecrafts player-base has been growing and there have been a lot of fantastic updates. A lot...
  2. ShinySanta

    Java Among Slimes - Wires Suggestion!

    Hi everyone! I’ve a small suggestion for among slimes which would improve the gameplay for color blind players. (I’ve seen this suggestion before, which inspired me for making this suggestion.) Recently Among Us updated the task ‘fix the wires’ which made it easier for color blind players to...
  3. ShinySanta

    Escalated A Few Suggestions - Among Slimes!

    Hi everyone! As you probably know Cubecraft released the new game ‘Among Slimes’ which is in my opinion a really fun game! I’ve a few suggestions which I think‘ll make the game even better. If you don’t agree or have another opinion about the suggestion, feel free to give some feedback...
  4. ShinySanta

    Java Carving Chaos - Achievements

    Hey everyone! The Halloween month has started and cubecraft has released a new gamemode ‘Carving Chaos’, but there are no achievements for it. (Read more about the update here)! Because there are no achievements, I suggest making a few achievements just for fun while playing the gamemode! Here...
  5. ShinySanta

    All Networks Suggestion - Party Page

    Hey all! A few months ago I have made this suggestion. Because I still like this idea, I decided to resuggest it! What am I suggesting? I see a lot of players asking in the chat/discord for a party, because they do not have friends online or can not find players who would join their party. My...
  6. ShinySanta

    All Networks Friends - Do not disturb status.

    Heyy everyone! I have seen a lot suggestions about a ‘offline status’. Since I am not a huge fan of it, but a lot of people are. I thought about a ‘do not disturb status’. Why a do not disturb status? Sometimes you come online to play some solo games, because you just want to play alone. But...
  7. ShinySanta

    Java Solve the Equatation in Party Chat.

    Heey! I have a small suggestion, for the minerware minigame ‘Solve the Equatation’. The suggestion: When you are playing minerware in a party and you get the minigame ‘solve the equatation’ you have to solve a equatation. But if you answer it in party chat, it will be counted wrong. My...
  8. ShinySanta

    Introduction - StralendePijl

    Hello everyone! I’ve been active on the forums since a couple of months, but never did an introduction. So here it is!^-^ Who am I? I am a Dutch boy named Gijs. I was born on 23 march 2004, so I am 16 years old. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats, the dog on my profile picture is Fenna. I am currently...
  9. ShinySanta

    Java Party Page

    Heey! Welcome by this new suggestion: I think Cubecraft has a lot of active players who would like to play in a party with other players, but they don’t have friends online or can’t find players who would join a party. My suggestion is, add a villager somewhere in the lobby, where it’s possible...
  10. ShinySanta

    Selfie with you!

    Heey! Recently I started taking screenshots with other players, who is active on the forums. Because I have a lot of screenshots, I thought lets make a collection, all screenshots are sorted on rank: Moderator Helper Designer YouTuber Obsidian Emerald...
  11. ShinySanta


    Hey! I had a conversation with a friend. We would like to see each others skyblock, maybe its an idea to make a '/tp' command. Do you like this idea? --CallMeSanta--
  12. ShinySanta

    Java Different minigames

    I was thinking about minerware minigames. Maybe it would be nice if there would come some more minigames. For example: A lot of zombies in the middle trying to kill the players. If you survive this the given time, you'll get a point. A lot of zombies/skeletons/spiders in the middel, if you...
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