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  1. hurt

    Artwork Grumpy Kuzey

    Yes. Gaze at my amazing art skills.
  2. hurt

    Creative plots .schematic downloads

    I was thinking a while back: Wouldn't it be great if, by opening a specific domain on the website (example: plots.cubecraftgames.net) you could be taken to a special page. On that page, there would be only four major features: A dropdown menu listing plot world, two number spaces where you enter...
  3. hurt

    Artwork Bubblewibble Website Theme

    I noticed THIS thread, and I just thought that one of the possibru themes for the website that you can set should be made by @bubblewibble Just for fun.
  4. hurt

    Guess What's Going to be in the Next Livestream

    @halothe23 @rubik_cube_man , it has been decided in the next livestream you have, kuzey and I are going to (try (and probably fail) to) sing this: Your welcome. This is decided, not a suggestion. Good day.
  5. hurt


    Can someone explain Assassins to me?
  6. hurt

    Bunnies Galore!

    Just as a small thing, I think the server needs a LOT more little easter eggs. For example, maybe if you type /points MOAR, you'd get 100 free points ONCE. If you shot yourself with a bow, you'd get a funny message of some sort. Maybe there'd be a secret server you could only access through some...
  7. hurt

    Liberal Consensus Disorder

    So, I was/am watching Fox news (I'm a liberal, but my Grandpa is a conservative and he turned on the TV. But he's sleeping) And they were talking about a racist comment/joke on MSNBC. They said that they suffer from "Liberal Consensus Disorder," where if everyone around you thinks like you and...
  8. hurt


    Explanation Indeed
  9. hurt

    Donation Page Advancement

    A few suggestions for what the donation page needs: A) Donator rank-up should be able to access the server rank files (which I assume exist) and only display rank-ups that are pertinent to the rank that the player is (So I would ONLY see Lapiz to blank stuff) B) When you go to the page, there...
  10. hurt


    So, I've noticed that there are a lot of new moderators on the server, and I was just wondering why? (Note: I would be completely willing. I'm not asking, just stating that I would.)
  11. hurt

    Post Editing Compromise

    What if editing was a specific privilege. Auto-granted at 100 posts, and revocable by staff. So simple. People at 100 posts are dedicated, so they are probably somewhat trustworthy. So yeah.
  12. hurt

    Coding Better Chat

    I thought of a useful plugin for the server: A better chat system. I'll put the specifics later in this post, but it would essentially allow you to create a mini-chat network. It would be similar to mass- /tell, but wouldn't need multiple executions of commands or for people to be told (they...
  13. hurt

    Coding Better Donating

    Put simply, the ability to buy specific things, such as more points and the like, for if you A) Don't want to pay for an entire new rank just to get points or B) Want points NOW and are already emerald or something.
  14. hurt

    Improve Cookie Clicker

    Ideas: Make it actually save Right click to open a shop where you buy cookie clicker stuff Cursors are iron swords Spawn Grandma Egg Wheat is farms Furnaces are factories Pickaxe for a mine Minecart is shipment Brewing stand alchemy lab Obsidian for portals Clock/ Time machine Redstone...
  15. hurt

    Mute plugin works

    It works. Minimooseha tested it on me. He warned me, but I had no idea what he meant. (^_^) Funny.
  16. hurt

    Forum Donator Connection

    Just saying, I think that you should be able to connect your forum account to your cubecraft donator rank and get perks (and a colored name.) If you are a donator, you can edit your posts, and other stuff.
  17. hurt


    Just wondering, are Bitcoins an acceptable form of currency when donating to CubeCraft? If not, you should allow them (even if you don't have any use for them personally, there are probably definitely online services that would allow you to resell them for Pounds or even (Whatever it is you...
  18. hurt

    Suggestion for ME Needed

    Basically, I'm considering creating an alternate account which I will use to occasionally post "Papers" on complex studies I do of how large servers such as Cubecraft typically work and how the staff could improve the efficiency and exploit possibilities in them to get ahead of other servers in...
  19. hurt

    Website glitching

    Keeping it short. I keep trying to post stuff, and a good amount of the time it tells me I was blocked or asks for security codes (Type the above text. No text above. Error: [No error shown].) What?
  20. hurt

    YouTuber Rank

    Or more accurately, stop asking. The rules for getting it are: Minimum 2,000 Subscribers Minimum 10 videos filmed COMPLETELY on the CubeCraft server network I assume that intros and outros are fine All proper credits in the description I think just a link to the website (This Site) will...
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