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  1. Toxuka

    All Networks Network ban tracker

    Hi there! My suggestion is basically to change the tracker of the network bans, it's kinda unfair to get permanently banned for the first ban, so I would like to see a fair tracker because there a people who learned from their mistake after time, the tracker could be following this. Doxing/DDos...
  2. Toxuka

    All Networks Blockwars bridges

    Hello, my suggestion is basically when someone will scare the goal, he will get 1 exp & 1 point or anything else! Thanks for reading my suggestion, if you haven't understood, let me know!
  3. Toxuka

    Java Eggwars time voting

    Hello, At the first of that all, I just wanted to say: anyone is going to say there are many people who post this suggestion/idea. I just wanted to say I made this idea explanation about everything with adding polls to see how many people who really wants to see it. Grateful to players who...
  4. Toxuka

    Discord Discord Emoji!

  5. Toxuka

    All Networks reports suggestion

    Hi, There! I have a suggestion about making a report website to report people forums-Discord or make a discord channel for report people in discord-forums because I'd keep that out staff help, I think we need to keep the question in staff help and make another channel to report people, thanks...
  6. Toxuka

    All Networks Reports websites.

    Hello There! I have a suggestion about make/add reports website for report people in Cubecraft Discord and forums without sending the stuff spamming in the staff-help that bother some of the people also I would like to see a reports websites for report people forums and discord or add...
  7. Toxuka

    All Networks Appeals Suggestion

    Hey There! I have a Suggestion about to see every warns/Punishments (in Minecraft Server, discord, and forums). I would like to see Every punishment in appeals like discord punishments, Forums punishments, etc, because there some people who are banned from Cubecraft forums and Cubecraft...
  8. Toxuka

    Java FFA

    Hi, I have a suggestion about FFA ( Free for all ). I'd like to see buy a Potions from the FFA shop with a limit for it. or I'd like to see an increase in more time for Potions For Example Give more 1 Potion or make the time the biggest more like ( 2:30 ) minutes for the potions. Who...
  9. Toxuka

    New Maps

    Hola Everyone Should cubecraft add new maps, ffa and duels, we are bored from maps!
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