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  1. EquinoxKLS

    Introduce a skywars 1 v 1

    I’d like to see added a 1 v 1 in skywars. With non chaos mode items and an easy 1 v 1 ing type vibe. I would design the maps to have large platforms and a large open flat middle. This would really help some players practice. That or introduce duels.
  2. EquinoxKLS

    Recent player allegations:

    I have recently run into players that value winning to extreme heights. Words said- exclusive of bad words could include- bad, you suck, sweaty ****, go to ****. I believe that sentinel should be able to catch some of these curse words and warn players for offensive language- I understand bad or...
  3. EquinoxKLS

    Artwork New egg skin for a possible bundle or purchase.

    Hey I’m interested in creating some new egg skins. I’ve got some ideas in mind but I’d like to know if people are interested in a new egg skin for bedrock edition egg wars.
  4. EquinoxKLS

    Parkour maps

    Should parkour maps be submitted here, in lobby prefix, or creations prefix?
  5. EquinoxKLS

    All Networks Extended SkyWars and eggwars LB

    I think at least in the bedrock version, eggwars is the most played game: the most competitive leaderboard being Duos eggwars. What do people think of having the leaderboard top 75 or top 100 to introduce new players and create a drive for more players to play eggwars. This idea could be added...
  6. EquinoxKLS

    Builds Bell tower in lobby

    Hey, I’ve got a small cool build and tutorial I can submit about a small bell tower that could be cool in any lobby- maybe on the side of the main one near a building. I’ll submit pictures and videos soon after if anyone is considering.
  7. EquinoxKLS

    Directions to Rules on forums:

    Can I get a link or directions to the rules for forums on Cubecraft? I’d like to review them for my personal safety and well being. Also to get a better understanding of the server on forums.
  8. EquinoxKLS

    All Networks UHC

    I’m here wanting to here the community’s ideas about a new UHC type game on Cubecraft.
  9. EquinoxKLS

    How can mobile compete?

    Many players on Cubecraft bedrock server are mobile? Any ideas for them to increase their chances of winning?
  10. EquinoxKLS

    All Networks A new game mode

    I’m here suggesting a game mode called wall wars: the concept would be that there is a wall 10 blocks high: the object is to get to the other side to score points: first to say 20 would win: There could be islands on each side as well. Game could involve gl gear of your choice: the gake would be...
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