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  1. ProfParzival

    Video We built a waterpark in Eggwars

    Hi All, Had some fun with friends... three of us got into the same game and were really careful to NOT team but after many attempts at the end of one game the three of us were left.. it was bridges so we decided to build a waterpark complete with pools, flumes and an amazing TNT water canon...
  2. ProfParzival

    Server lag / block lag / player lag since Playstation users joined (this isn't a moan but is a genuine question)

    Hi, ---------------- Please note: This isn't a moan and I'm not in any way angry or having a pop at Cubecraft... I fully understand how difficult it is to plan for scaling up and I know they're probably working like crazy with the huge increase in users since PS players joined in with the fun...
  3. ProfParzival

    RTX3080 Anyone got one yet?

    So has anyone managed to get hold of a 3080 card yet? How are they for MC? I'm specifically interested because I'm still on 1080 which is kinda OK but struggles a bit sometimes for VR MC with a max of around 60fps. Really need about 90fps+ tbh. Any ideas when they'll be generally available (in...
  4. ProfParzival

    Video Crazy Challenges in Eggwars Duos

    Hey all, Teamed up with Lavapossum82 to do some daft challenges in Eggwars Duos.. For fighting... Challenge 1: One iron pic only Challenge 2: Fists Only Challenge 3: Ladders Only Hope ya'll enjoy it, pls let me know :-)
  5. ProfParzival

    [Bedrock] Is chat broken?

    Hi, So I've been playing today and loving it as usual... been on a couple of live streams and have noticed that chat seems broken..... It's not shadow mute (I don't think)... For example, I was chatting on someone's stream and only saw a few of my messages get through when I watched their...
  6. ProfParzival

    Video The first player to 1000 wins on Bridge (It's not me) (Bedrock)...

    Hi All, I was once again playing with some awesome Bridge players and made a video from it... this time it was with @Rollwithit1909, @SudsyCornet7303, @RedNinjaCD33, @AceMelinda who are all leaderboard players. I'm loving playing the bridge and it was great to run with these guys plus all the...
  7. ProfParzival

    Bedrock How does the scoring work for Top Player in Bridge?

    Hi, Just wondering how the "Top Player" is calculated? It's not just pits captured, that much I can tell (scored all the pits in a recent game and wasn't top player lol) so wondering how it's worked out? Sorry if this is somewhere else and I've missed it... I did try to find out. Thanks
  8. ProfParzival

    Video The Bridge - Playing with some awesome players including InsaneOrbitzz (Bedrock)

    Hi All, I'm loving playing the bridge and have played as much as possible since it came out.. managed to get to 16th on Friday but was then 50th when I wake up on Saturday... lol. 358 wins so far... how on earth you guys at the top have managed to do the other things in life like eat and...
  9. ProfParzival

    Video New Eggwars Montage #1 - Funny and Sad

    Hey all, So I made an eggwars montage of some funny and some sad'ish moments... Hope you all like it, please let me know if you do or don't.. Thanks for watching it.
  10. ProfParzival

    Video Half a heart and limping, hungry with no blocks - Eggwars Solos on Bedrock

    I'm sure we've all been there... Armour almost gone, no food, no blocks, just a wood sword, hungry, slow and on half a heart just trying to get to a base to buy some food lol.. So I made another video... hope you all like it. Cheers
  11. ProfParzival

    Video One Iron Pic Challenge Eggwars Solos Bedrock

    Hey all, I did the one iron pic challenge in Eggwars Solos on bedrock. I know that many of you are so awesome that you only ever need the 1 iron pic and the odd steak but I'm not so I was really chuffed to complete the solos bridges map with only the one iron pic. I also made the music :-)...
  12. ProfParzival

    Bedrock People claiming to be playing "tournaments" on public eggwars servers

    Not going to name any names but would just like to clarify something... I spawned into a squads game and there were 7 OP votes so I thought "oh good, this will be a nice challenge, bring it"... Sure enough, my team of randoms were rushed, but I fought back only to get "please don't spoil our...
  13. ProfParzival

    Video Dealing with teamers in Eggwars bedrock solos - part 2

    Hey All, I edited part two of the dealing with teamers in eggwars solos video :-) This time it's on the Halloween map. It wasn't completely obvious that these were teamers at first (at least to my small brain).. but slowly it dawned on me. Hope y'all like the video - Cheers It's in my...
  14. ProfParzival

    Video Dealing with teamers in Eggwars bedrock solos - part 1

    Hi All, I created another video.. this time I had to deal with teamers in Eggwars solos. Hope you all like the video, I had fun editing it. Question: Should I report them... is this evidence enough would you say? Cheers
  15. ProfParzival

    Video A PhilSwift76 Stream Snipe Video

    Hey All, As ya'll have may come to realize, I really enjoy stream sniping and sometimes also make videos of the snipes that I manage to get in. I've followed the awesome YT creator Phil Swift for a while and have been battered senseless by him on far too many occasions but I just realized that...
  16. ProfParzival

    Bedrock This was spooky.....

    At the end of the game I knocked a player into the void but then...... erm... whos is that next to me lol!!....
  17. ProfParzival

    Video I tried to save a player being kill farmed, but then....

    Hey all - created another video from a recent Solos Eggwars Bedrock game :-) Hope ya'll like it. I felt soooo bad for the player being kill farmed. I was going to let them win if it was just me and him/her at the end.
  18. ProfParzival

    Video Couple of Speedruns in Eggwars Squads (Bedrock)

    Hey all... So I was just playing squads and randomly did a bit of a speedrun time so then also though it would be fun to see if I could beat the awesome PhilSwift76's no kills eggwars speedrun time.. amazingly on the first go I managed it...(way more luck than judgement) I posted to speedrun and...
  19. ProfParzival

    Video Stream Sniping FPSaltyRaccoon on Eggwars Duos Episode #2 (incl battling the eggwars duos #1 'bisco wisco' with a leather helmet).

    Hey all, Made another video from some recent stream sniping of the awesome Chief Aaron aka FPSaltyRaccoon. It was only during editing the video that I realised I'd battled the Eggwars Duos (Bedrock) #1 player 'bisco wisco' with just a leather helmet as a weapon (who needs daft swords...
  20. ProfParzival

    Video Stream Sniping FPSaltyRaccoon on Eggwars Duos

    Hey all, I love watching all the eggwars videos you all post here :-) Been stream sniping again.. this time the ladder god Chief Aaron aka FPSaltyRaccoon in Eggwars Duos... Hope you all like it as much as I like participating then putting the videos together :-) I've got a few more rounds...
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