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  1. Snivy Films

    Profile Picture Swap Bug

    Hello, Yesterday and this morning, I tried swapping my profile picture from this to this: I have tried on 2 different computers, Windows 10 and MacOS 10.14.4. Using Windows Edge (Chromium Based), Firefox, and Safari (Mac Only), and for me, it hasn't successfully changed, it just gets stuck...
  2. Snivy Films

    Java Make /report open to most ranked members

    Hi, Super simple idea, Make /report able to be used by a lot of ranks and not have it stuck behind a 9.15 USD (7.00 GBP) Plus Subscription paywall, (this is on the Plus tab on the store) Well why do I say this, Well over all trying to clean the servers of someone not following the server...
  3. Snivy Films

    Java Tower Defense Tutorial Ideas

    Well as we all know the Tutorial for TD isn't really that good. So a few ideas that I had follows, 1. Update the Tutorial, please just so the points are mainstreamed, It takes a long time to get points across IMO. 2. If a newer player is playing TD and makes mistakes while playing an around...
  4. Snivy Films

    All Networks Player Servers

    Hello, I have a very simple idea to propose, It is allowing Players to make their own server for people to join with a command, but to make a server on Cubecraft they need to be a ranked player (Maybe Emerald or Obsidian Rank) and to join it they can do something like /server Snivy_Films and it...
  5. Snivy Films

    Java Test Items

    Hello, This idea is really straight forward, when you are in the game lobbies wanting to buy a Kit or something like that there should be an option to test what you are buying before you buy it, This could be done either by allowing the User to use that item FOR FREE for 1 Game, which then you...
  6. Snivy Films

    Java Bring Back the /votekick command

    Before I start I am well aware that there are many forum post about this. Well with that out of the way I was thinking about one thing ever sense it was removed, it is the /votekick command, I believe in that players should have some sort of power to vote kick a player that is AFK, Trolling, or...
  7. Snivy Films

    Store Payment Opitions

    Hello, I have "paid" gold rank for a friend with the Only Method currently available, due to this server being out of my nation I got a warning on my Mobile Phone about fraud, Which I say ok, then just before it was finish, The service asked for an Official Document saying that I did it, and...
  8. Snivy Films

    Vanity Points Converter

    I know that I made a post about this before, and it is in my opinion that is unformalized, so here we go again but a bit more formal. Hello to the (hopefully) nice people of the Cubecraft community. I do find one issue with the Vanity Point system, Its great but there is a few issues that I...
  9. Snivy Films

    Vanity Points to points

    Hello, I was wondering if you could add a transfer Vanity Point to Points mechanic, and etc, so this mechanic is 1 Vanity Point to 50 Points, and 50 Points to 1 Vanity Points. It was an Idea because people like me have a lot of Vanity Points that aren't being used and the non donors can get...
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