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  1. Wave Master6982

    (IcyPeaks)Eggwars Squad

    Hello guys today I present my eggwars map. IcyPeaks is a map with pine trees and ice spikes.It is an pretty icy map has you can see and has frozen ponds. Generators cubecraft decides please no level 4.
  2. Wave Master6982

    Wave Master6082’s introduction (really late)

    Hello guys this is my introduction. I used to play java edition but then I uninstalled Minecraft because I quit.It stayed like that for a year but then I decided to join again and meet nice new friends.So I got a fresh new account and I started to play again.At first I played survival on bedrock...
  3. Wave Master6982

    I found out how to sudo in bedrock

    So basically this I should how it goes.Type I chat what u want then space to the next line and put username> ex hello.You can do it when their on and offline and makes an illusion they said it.ex Wave Master6982> hello PiousSteak PiousSteak38010> wave I beat you in 1v1. So go head and give it a...
  4. Wave Master6982

    All Networks Make targeting go under trolling .

    People may say oh targeting is just a strategy but no it is clearly trolling.They do it to get people mad.Its just stupid not to make targeting go under trolling.Sometimes they would even cross team just to get someone.They don’t even care about winning or losing but just making sure their...
  5. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock Kits.

    I think the other 2 kits should be buffed because there kinda of useless. Builder- keep the same Miner- leather helmet wooden Pickaxe Baker- Leather helmet one cake and 3 pieces of bread
  6. Wave Master6982

    (Oceanic)(Squad Eggwars)

    Hello guys I’ve made an ocean themed map on bedrock. Description Oceanic is a squads map with corals rocks and sea grass.It can house 16 people.Team colors are Red, Blue, Orange, and Green. Generators Middle- emerald generator broken diamond generator level 3 two gold generators level 3 level...
  7. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock Increase f list

    Hi I would like cubecraft to increase there friend spaces.I have to delete friends just to add new ones so this I see how I think it should go. Default- 10 Vip Level 1- 20 Vip Level 2- 30 Vip- Level 3 50 Vip Level 4- 75 Vip Level 5- 100 YouTube rank- 500 Designer- 600 Mod- 650 Admin- 800
  8. Wave Master6982

    What bedrock Edition do I play on.

    Which one Xbox 1 Pc Switch or Mobile.
  9. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock WHY are hackers so bad

    When I get a hacker it looks like this is their first time playing mc.So many times I see fly hackers dying to fall damage or they just walk off the edge.Like are they missing there brain.Most fly hackers I see could barely fly to the next island without death.Kill aruo hackers just run from me...
  10. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock Why not to spam it the guy when ur naked after he broke your egg.

    Spam hitting them won’t help instead you should be using you spawn protection to run away.When you hit someone your grace period ends and they can attack you.People often try to spam hit the guy but don’t know their grace period ended because they hit a guy.This often ends with them getting...
  11. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock Iron generator

    Hi I use switch.On maps that have level 4 or when someone upgrades a iron generator to level 4 I lose like so much frames.Near the generator I’ll get like 1 frame per second can you please fix or lower down the level 4 iron generators
  12. Wave Master6982


    Hello guys today I’ve made a bridge map.Green represents items and the end portal represents pit.Lunar is a moon themed map with a moon base and a launch pad.
  13. Wave Master6982


    Hello guys today I’ve made a ffa Map.There are Easter eggs but you’ll need to find them.This map is name after the Titian Oceanus.It is a water themed map with corals fish and more.
  14. Wave Master6982

    Builds Sneak peek into FFA map

    This is a quick preview of a map that I am building tell me in the comments what to add.
  15. Wave Master6982

    R.I.P Rest In Peace line-dash you will be missed.

    F for respect for line-dash.
  16. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock Bridge knockback

    Is it just me or does it feel like someone hits me once I take way to much downwards knockback.Like when someone hits me of the bridge instead of falling normally I get sucked down like there’s a black hole down there that’s speeding the rate that I am falling by the way this only happens to me...
  17. Wave Master6982

    Fixed (coral reef)Bridge

    I fixed it.I looked at the feedback to fix it.Green represents items.I also added mines too and fixed the gameplay.There are two ways but in the first one there were two.
  18. Wave Master6982

    (The Bridge)(Coral reef)

    Builder- Wave Master6982 Hello guys I have built an ocean theme map let me know what you think. Coral reef is a map that has coral rocks and a jellyfish above.It has rocks to.Green represents where the items are.End portal represents pit.
  19. Wave Master6982

    (The bridge)City

    Hello guys so today I present my bridge map.City is a map that has 2 modern buildings on each team.The one that has the team color is where the core is.The green represents where the items will be.
  20. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock Please fix crouch bug

    So I would like for cubecraft to fix the crouch bug.Basically everyone knows this bug exist and abuses it.This is when you crouch on the farthest edge of a block and continue to push back.Then when someone hits you, you take zero knockback please cubecraft fix this bug because more people are...
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