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  1. SpookyWarz

    Web [BUG] Gray member colour in online list

    https://gyazo.com/f25c1d8359eb58194a4734d835975ad1 Normal members are showing up in a Gray colour on the member online list whilst the rest are blue Though when I hover over them, the colour returns back to blue
  2. SpookyWarz

    A Warrior's introduction

    Hello! I know that i have already done an introduction of myself a few months back, but i decided to make a other one because why not? :p For those who don't know me or have no clue who i am and just stumbled across this, hello, i am a helper who is just here to help out the community and to run...
  3. SpookyWarz

    Eggwars Achievement

    Had this idea, for a while now and I think there should be an achievement for both eggwars solo modes (Normal and speed), for when you break all the eggs in one game. Rewards: 1 cubelet, 250 xp and 25 points (Might leave the name, for the management staff to do, since i'm not really that...
  4. SpookyWarz

    Duels guide

    Hi! Today, i'm gonna be creating a guide on duels and what each type of mode there is and what kits come with them There are a total of 4 modes for duels, with each of them comes with different types of kits: They are overpowered, insane, classic (1.8 pvp) and normal (1.9 pvp) Ok, lets start...
  5. SpookyWarz

    Speed eggwars solo guide

    Hi! Today i'm going to be creating a solo speed eggwars guide, with tips and tricks and map info. I recently did a team guide and before that, a overall speed eggwars guide (Shop prices etc.). :) Lets firstly, start off with the maps. There are a total of 7 solo maps, with 6 12 players maps...
  6. SpookyWarz

    Speed eggwars team guide

    Hi! Today i'm going be doing a second speed eggwars guide, on the team version and what type of tips and tricks you can do on the maps. There are a total of 10 maps for team speed eggwars, with 5 teams of 2 maps, 2 teams of 3 maps, 1 team of 4 map and 2 teams of 5 map The maps: On the maps...
  7. SpookyWarz

    Eggwars generator effects

    When someone upgrades a generator in eggwars, it causes a bit of lag for people with slower computers or bad wifi, because of the firework particles that come out of it, due to people upgrading multiple gens at once. Sometimes this is annoying, because if you were in a fight and someone...
  8. SpookyWarz

    Daily Challenges (Loot points)

    For some reason, Medium daily challenges give more loot points than the Hard ones, even there are more challenges for Hard. Medium (Worth 200 loots points) Hard (Worth 150 loot points) My suggestion is too increase the amount of loot points for hard to 250 - 300 or maybe decrease the...
  9. SpookyWarz

    Give No Projectiles mode its own board. (Skywars suggestion)

    A lot of people are now voting for No Projectiles mode in Skywars, which means that people people who like projectiles can't play a proper game of Skywars due to this. No Projectiles makes it harder to get to people who are building up and sky bridging, since there`s no snowballs to shoot them...
  10. SpookyWarz

    My Late Introduction

    Hi! Most of you might know me, but others not so much. My name is David (In real life) and I'm a 15 year old from Scotland. I really like to do History, Science etc. as my hobbies or helping people with things like, which game is which or to help guide them somewhere etc. I usually hang out...
  11. SpookyWarz

    Punch bows in the map mine

    This is pretty much an issue in the map mine, where someone rushes to mid grabs 25 diamonds and then comes back only to buy a punch bow without anything blocking his path, like a broken part of the track. I suggest maybe recreating the track, to look like its broken, like leaving a gap on part...
  12. SpookyWarz

    Builds Statue of Joe Henry

    Someone requested for a Statue for him, so I decided to build it. (P.S I'm bad at building) @Joe Henry
  13. SpookyWarz

    Building a blue house in eggwars

    Building a small house out of blue clay and glass in eggwars. Also I brought a AFK player along. :D
  14. SpookyWarz

    Speed Eggwars Guide

    Speed eggwars is a game based of Normal eggwars expect, only different. Today I'm going to create a speed eggwars guide for people who either don't have a clue or to know more tricks and tips from me. (Not going to do Harcore prices for all of them, since people never vote for it.) Btw if you...
  15. SpookyWarz

    Getting called a noob in duels and then killing them

    People these (Sorry if I put this thread in the wrong place) days...
  16. SpookyWarz

    For people who are complaining about teamers

    I have been noticing quite a few threads about people who are complaining about teamers, instead of reporting them. How do I report them? You can report them here at: https://reports.cubecraft.net/report with video evidence and make sure the people you are reporting are clear and focused on...
  17. SpookyWarz

    You should be able to pick your own mode for duels.

    Its very annoying when you get put into a mode that you don`t like, the archer mode or basic mode. I think there should be a way to pick what mode you want to play or gamemode. :P
  18. SpookyWarz

    Remove the knockback football from the map sports.

    This football is way too op in normal and overpowered, its the only weapon that someone will use. Like knockback 2 and 3. Really?! You would be send flying :/ Please remove it, to make it fair for players who don`t get it in their spawn chests.
  19. SpookyWarz

    Why can`t i connect to Skywars?

    Everytime I try to connect to skywars, I get teleported to the blockwars lobby or eggwars. I don`t know if its just happening to me or to you guys. Please fix it.
  20. SpookyWarz

    The map Beach needs to be recreated again.

    The pressure plates on the map, sometimes cause lag back which is very annoying and I do like the idea of 3 spawn islands going to one part of mid, but I don`t very like mid itself. I think there should be more space and remove the tnt plates, but maybe add like some sort of lava parkour or...
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