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  1. Berguland


    I think that there needs to be a mod/admin on the assassins server around 24/7 because when people die or get betrayed there is so much foul language. I think with this idea there should be a mod thats isn't well known by most people or have a new mod with no rank in the chat or shown but they...
  2. Berguland

    Assassins question

    Are you able to have banks and can you sell stuff to people?
  3. Berguland

    Assassins stuff

    Will I get my stuff back? I posted a thread that had staff abuse and it was removed!
  4. Berguland

    Assassins question

    Why is stealing allowed?
  5. Berguland


    There a. Way to May hacker on at server is there anyway you can stop this?
  6. Berguland

    2 Point questions

    Are the points on all server? When I am on kit pvp and I log off why are all my points gone? If all the servers have points do they transfer to each server, if they don't all have points will they all have points and ever transfer over?
  7. Berguland

    Servers saying 0 members on

    Some servers are saying there are 0 members on when there are a lot why is this.?
  8. Berguland

    General server suggestions(I'm not being mean or anything you can take them if you want or not)

    When you guys have like 500+ people online even with the new updates you guys did u still lag a lot. My idea is that you have each server only take like 50 people and just add another server that will needed to be used on weekends for sure. I think this would reduce the lag that is made. Also I...
  9. Berguland

    Can't connect

    When ever i try to connect i get this message: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: no further information: proxy.cc.halothe23.com./
  10. Berguland

    Everything gone

    Did all the servers lose everything you had? Is there anyway to get it back?
  11. Berguland


    Is there anyway I can get my stuff back that despawned or no?
  12. Berguland

    Kit PvP

    How come you lose your stuff if you log out even if you are tagged in PvP or not?
  13. Berguland

    1.7 update

    I think you guys should update the server so its up to date. I don't know if you have to update it all and fully reset it or not.
  14. Berguland

    Assassins server

    Is there any option to post suggestions under the specific assassins server?
  15. Berguland

    Assassins server suggestion

    I think there should be alliances with up to 20 people and you can only be in that alliance and there are no truces. So its a alliance v a alliance.
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