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  1. D0GG0B0Y32

    If Among Slimes were in Bedrock Edition

    My mom does not allow my little brother to play Among Us, because it “violent”. However he might be able to play Among Slime though so that would be weird. 😐
  2. D0GG0B0Y32

    Builds BlockWars Map and a good thing about CubeCraft

    Hello! Recently there has been a lot happening at my school. There is already a positive case of COVID -19. There was a lockdown that was real and school was scary stressful. I don’t really care about grammar right now. However the forums on here are pretty nice and brighten up my days. Thanks...
  3. D0GG0B0Y32

    Video I completed the BlockWars lobby parkour

    Maybe I’ll show ya’ll guys in the next thread of me doing the parkour.
  4. D0GG0B0Y32

    Escalated Profile Art

    Like YouTube channel art, there could be CCG profile art. This can be cool since we do get a chance to be creative. This is an example for profile art. I can look like this. Ok
  5. D0GG0B0Y32

    Video My best moments

    Sorry if the quantity is bad. I switched to a “300MB WiFi but that was a lie 😢.
  6. D0GG0B0Y32

    Web Preventing Necro Posting

    As you know Necro Posting is bad, but you know there is just one thing that is really simple. Auto Lock Post older that 3 weeks. It is that simple. Learn more at this thread https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/241321/
  7. D0GG0B0Y32

    Coding PVPmode

    So in @Lucky_Ducky and I are making a resource pack. For PvP. All the blocks are finished. There were 500 Blocks! 😰 That took forever. I am going to release the screenshot soon. BECAUSE THE PHOTO WILL NOT COMPRESS!
  8. D0GG0B0Y32

    Video Umm...

  9. D0GG0B0Y32

    Video D0GG0B0Y32 vs Working Enemy Team Together

  10. D0GG0B0Y32

    My skin

    On this server my skin is not showing. U see myself as my own skin, but others see me as Steve. I want this fixed because people keep targeting me on PvP games. Though I am good I still want this fixed. So sometimes there would be cross-teamers targeting me. My skin is a wandering trader llama...
  11. D0GG0B0Y32

    Video Any Video Ideas

    What challenge should I do in blockwars? No Armour? Fist?
  12. D0GG0B0Y32

    Models Lucky_Ducky

    @Lucky_Ducky Joined CubeCraft!
  13. D0GG0B0Y32

    Models Gold Armour In BlockWars?

    I made gold Armour in blockwars. It is better than leather and gold tools to mine faster a lot.
  14. D0GG0B0Y32

    Models The Hive

    My thoughts on the Hive Map: @Andyyy made this map. So this map is a map with a theme of bees. The way that the map is built is very unique he inspires people like me. It allowed me to make 200iq clips. There is nothing that I don’t like about it. Also One thing I like is the center, because it...
  15. D0GG0B0Y32

    Builds BlockWars Map What You See From Spawn

    Lucky Ducky Help Me So Thank Her. This is a new BlockWars Map That I Am Building.
  16. D0GG0B0Y32

    Bedrock Blockwars Glitch

    In blockwars sometimes when you die you spawn somewhere else than the spawn. Like in the middle of the map of the flag. Rarely the other team’s base. I will try to find video proof. Though this would help me win games a lot I still want to make it fair.
  17. D0GG0B0Y32

    For Any CubeCrafters

    If You Have Any Problems With Your Game Or If You Are Allowed To Do Something. Please Have Any Staff Member To Help You With Anything. There Are Many People Maybe Like. Member Putting The WROong Information. So Get A Staff Member To Help. They Know What To Do In Your Problem Unless It Is A...
  18. D0GG0B0Y32

    Builds BlockWars

    In The Middle Of The Map Soul Tree Be Lucky_Ducky
  19. D0GG0B0Y32

    Builds All Maps

    I Am Making A Map For Every Game. For Every Game Mode. Thank To @Andyyy For Inspiring Me! 🤗
  20. D0GG0B0Y32

    Video I Am A Pro

    Hello Killed 2 Full Iron In A Few Hits.
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