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  1. M__Terry20__M

    What is your favorite?

  2. M__Terry20__M

    What is your higher winning streak in eggwars?

  3. M__Terry20__M

    What is your higher winning streak in skywars?

  4. M__Terry20__M


    Hi guys. I invite you to leave down here tips to recognize hackers while playing. Some of the members usually play against hackers, they get killed and the game ends without them knowing they just lost unfairly. So lets help each other and leave a comment with tips that can help us know when we...
  5. M__Terry20__M

    PVP in 1.8

    Hi, how are you guys doing? I have a question, why the 1.8 does not have pvp? I think it would bring a lot more people to the server.
  6. M__Terry20__M

    Skywars events

    Hi Cubecraft team. While I was playing Skywars this morning, I was thinking in how much I miss some maps that used to be in Cubecraft far time ago. I finally constructed an idea of what you could do to make happier some of the members of the server and analogically, for those who are new, they...
  7. M__Terry20__M


    Hi, I made yesterday a post with my thread where I wrote my application for helper. But I just saw that it dissapeared of my threads. Can someonel pleasse help me? What happened?
  8. M__Terry20__M

    Thank you Cubecraft

    Hi, I just wanted this post to be a message for every single member of Cubecraft Games team. Thnaks for keeping the community happy with the server and thanks for always be there when we need you. Personally I have required assistance many times, during a game or in the webpage. And there is...
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