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  1. Olmn

    Bedrock Bridges 1v1

    honestly bridge 1v1s would be an epic gamer move for cubecraft
  2. Olmn

    (Bedrock) Fix the cubecraft pvp

    I would honestly 10000000% recommend making the pvp to the Hives pvp, the pvp on the Hive actually consists combos and I LOVE to combo people.
  3. Olmn

    Duels Bedrock duels

    you see... THAT WOULD BE SICK and it would also help out players get better a combos with eggs and w tapping
  4. Olmn

    How to get on top of skywars lobby

    (Note: WolfDen133 gave me the idea of this vid)
  5. Olmn


    yes :) i worked on this montage for 4 days, and it turned out to be poggos
  6. Olmn

    some chaos gameplay

    I got a 7 kill game in chaos which is above avg so I decided to share the game with u! My highest is 8 which i did not record sadly.
  7. Olmn

    vip lvl 5 perks

    I think when you are vip lvl 5 you should be able to do /fly. Honestly if you are lvl 5, you have probably spent $50+ and when you have spent that much you really should be able to do that command tbh.
  8. Olmn

    invis skin FIXXX THIS DEVS

    i put on a skin that was just a png and and i didnt think this would work but I literally turned invis.... (i didnt play any games or anything like that this vid was for the devs to fix...)
  9. Olmn

    Bedrock Skywars Chaos

    i just now realized at vip level 2 that there is skywars chaos 😄 it is actual chaos and it is soooo fun. Guys if you arent vip level 1 i really recommend it it is so fun!!!
  10. Olmn


    How do I see what other people say in chat because I have not seen one person say ANYTHING in chat
  11. Olmn

    MC Update HYPEEEE

    i am actually so hyped abt the new telescope, imagine if u can put it on a crossbow, that will be SOOOO cool and will change pvp very very much
  12. Olmn


    I know I missed all the cool cages that have came out after the summer. But I was wondering if you guys could release another animated cage, I would 1000000000% buy it. I like to flex by having a cool cage. The best cage I have rn is the skull that recently came out.
  13. Olmn

    Bedrock eggwars poll

    i personally get 5 or 6
  14. Olmn

    Bedrock voting

    Is there a way to vote for a map on bedrock eggwars?
  15. Olmn

    Bedrock Vote map system

    I have been trying to get a 3 min solo game and to do that you pretty much need that tree map, I wish there was a hub be4 the game where u can vote for a map because it gets REALLY annoying when u do /hub 20 times and still dont get the map u wont and if we could vote it would change my eggwars...
  16. Olmn

    Bedrock New map!

    You guys should add a volcanic map to eggwars (not with real lava ofc) just with like glass and wool. But in the middle there should be 2 level 3 diamonds gens.
  17. Olmn

    Bedrock I need a speedrun partner

    I need a speedrun partner because I am tryna get the wr in duos for the fastest game. Just to prove I am good I have destroyed 9 eggs in one game. If any1 is out there that is pretty decent at eggwars and knows how to speed bridge, pls reply and I will give u my discord
  18. Olmn

    Knockback stick

    The devs should add a knockback stick to eggwars, and it costs 5 diamonds
  19. Olmn

    Eggwars cage

    There should be a special eggwars cage when you reach 500 wins like idk maybe an animated cool cage.
  20. Olmn

    Bedrock Dragon cage

    There should be a small dragon cage where you stand on top of small dragon and it is flapping its wings, that would be SICK! And you should be able to get it from an achievement or crates!
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