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  1. ItsBeastGaming

    Discord Rank 'Analyst' / 'Therapist' [Discord]

    This thread is about a new rank! 'Analyst' 😀I have been playing around 5 years on the cubecraftgames server The last 2 years i completely focused on analyzing players.. But not on their skill only. Also on their behavior. I have seen alot of difference between 1.8 and 1.9 combat.. On 1.9 is way...
  2. ItsBeastGaming

    All Networks Offensive, Sexual content

    Disclaimer: this thread contains swearwords! :cube_dark:We all know that is reportable And is not reportable:cube_dark: :cube_dark: Why is reportable and not? If u dont like toxic people Just /ignore them.. or do ur chat off. u can easily avoid swearing, sexual content. If is reportable...
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