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  1. Olmn

    PS4 SUPPORT on Bedrock!

    Yes.... the new thing that makes my whole god damn game have a 10 second delay :) good job Microsoft for making mc servers unplayable.
  2. Olmn

    Java Improve new bridge gamemode

    I absolutely agree but there is an easy solution, so lets say you like your blocks on the 3rd block on the hotbar, then in settings change your 4th hotbar block to whatever u use for the 3rd block. And you can also do that with other items. It saves a lot of time!
  3. Olmn

    All Networks More BlockWars Bridges suggestions

    lmao on ur second suggestion i recommend 1 thing... get gud kid
  4. Olmn

    Bedrock Bridges 1v1

    honestly bridge 1v1s would be an epic gamer move for cubecraft
  5. Olmn

    (Bedrock) Fix the cubecraft pvp

    like no knockback is not unique its really stupid
  6. Olmn

    (Bedrock) Fix the cubecraft pvp

    I would honestly 10000000% recommend making the pvp to the Hives pvp, the pvp on the Hive actually consists combos and I LOVE to combo people.
  7. Olmn

    Duels Bedrock duels

    you see... THAT WOULD BE SICK and it would also help out players get better a combos with eggs and w tapping
  8. Olmn

    How to get on top of skywars lobby

    iss alr, i just wanted to post a vid for fun no worries
  9. Olmn

    How to get on top of skywars lobby

    (Note: WolfDen133 gave me the idea of this vid)
  10. Olmn

    Bedrock Hey guys what’s your strategy?

    overpowered, builder kit, 6 iron, 15 blocks, pic, rush to mid, 10 diamonds, 16 gold, iron sword, iron chest plate and leggings, and then i rush every1 be4 they get stacked :) and last step ofc... i win
  11. Olmn


    yes :) i worked on this montage for 4 days, and it turned out to be poggos
  12. Olmn

    some chaos gameplay

  13. Olmn

    some chaos gameplay

    I got a 7 kill game in chaos which is above avg so I decided to share the game with u! My highest is 8 which i did not record sadly.
  14. Olmn

    vip lvl 5 perks

    I think when you are vip lvl 5 you should be able to do /fly. Honestly if you are lvl 5, you have probably spent $50+ and when you have spent that much you really should be able to do that command tbh.
  15. Olmn

    invis skin FIXXX THIS DEVS

    lmao i do not wanna get banned
  16. Olmn

    invis skin FIXXX THIS DEVS

    wdym removed?
  17. Olmn

    invis skin FIXXX THIS DEVS

    i put on a skin that was just a png and and i didnt think this would work but I literally turned invis.... (i didnt play any games or anything like that this vid was for the devs to fix...)
  18. Olmn

    Bedrock Skywars Chaos

    Because at vip level 2 i just realized that chaos was a thing lmao
  19. Olmn


    I fixed it :)
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