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  1. YuseeF

    Java It's time to add fishing rods to !!1.8!! Eggwars.

    fishing rod is a bad idea there so many players doesn`t know how to play even so that will be unfair.
  2. YuseeF

    Video My 2nd eggwars montage

    I like it.
  3. YuseeF

    Thanks for that :heart:

    Thanks for that :heart:
  4. YuseeF

    Java Choose maps

    Agree with Nqouir, If this happens then there will be no necessity for the iron rank
  5. YuseeF

    Extra chest in the map solo Scare

  6. YuseeF

    Java About plus Rank,

    I am tired of it :L
  7. YuseeF

    Extra chest in the map solo Scare

    usually the extra chest Be empty
  8. YuseeF

    Bedrock Skywars duos 14 kills game

  9. YuseeF

    Java About plus Rank,

    Hi, I Have a Suggestion, Allow to who have a plus rank got a Eltra , Double jump on Wating lobby egg wars , minerware , skywars etc......
  10. YuseeF


  11. YuseeF

    شو يعني sus 😂

    شو يعني sus 😂
  12. YuseeF

    Duels Some things

    maybe its will be a good idea about FFA,
  13. YuseeF

    Duels Some things

    I don't think thats will be a good idea because duel with 1.8 PVP that doesn't fun like 1.9 PVP, 'my opinion'
  14. YuseeF

    Java Disable LabyMod Tags

    i don't think that might be a slove.
  15. YuseeF

    Java Disable LabyMod Tags

    i don't think that there so many people care about reports. anyway I have to go to sleep Good night!
  16. YuseeF

    Bedrock POG

    i think he is surprised because The enemies has playing on mobiles 😂
  17. YuseeF

    Java Disable LabyMod Tags

    there who's care about reports but he is Preferred labymod :> BTW labymod has features not found in other Clients.
  18. YuseeF

    Sentinel (Bedrock)

    actually i didn't play bedrock but i think the Sentinel on bedrock work better than Java 😅,
  19. YuseeF

    Happy Birthday :>

    Happy Birthday :>
  20. YuseeF

    Java Disable LabyMod Tags

    actually i agree with you but i think that unpossible why? cubecraft must have a deal with labymod about this its so hard i think. but there a way to report someone who's hacking "/report" but sadly its available for who's have a iron rank and higher! anyway I hope it happens
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