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    your the pro over here

    your the pro over here
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    EggWars bow

    i have the feeling they kind of forgot the bow u cant add anything anymore no puch no power and against debris armour i does nothing anymore u dont do damage and u dont get kb with debris
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    Fluent Languages Poll

    i can speak dutch and english i would love to speak french so i can speak with everyone in country and portuguees so i can speak with my aunt in her native language
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    All Networks Bedrock Colony control future?

    i hope this will come back been so long ive played that gamemode
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    🛡️ SG Update! - Supply Drops, New Map, Rank Refresh!

    those supplies drop are a great add to the game.
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    Will eggwars get good

    idk why but i actully mis the armour brake. it adds more strategy to the game. Now it takes ages before it breaks. (i have it abt overpowerd gamemode)
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    Count to 1,000

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    Count DOWN from 420

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    Bedrock Parkour new pa

    they feel nice and clean
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    MinerWare Minerware Poll #2: What are your top 3 favorite microgames from this list?

    dodging anvils has been so long in minerware played that in java like almost 10 years ago good reminder of that time
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    wacht ben jij nl?

    wacht ben jij nl?
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    Count to 1,000,000

    17,999 1 moreeee
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    🌈 RGB Bundle + New Map!

    looks nice
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    Bedrock Money

    around 80 euros i think
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    Free for All taking damage while running up stairs ffa

    alrr np wanted to be sure if it was only me or everyone
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    SkyWars Free for All Any tips for console players in pvp?

    ive played controller for more then a year it is hard to get good with it. I played with a ps4 controller Thinks that helped me. 1- change your attack button and build button from R2-L2 to R1-L1 the reason u have to move less further with your button it gives u a bit more cps. 2- has a standerd...
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    Bedrock Invisible skins in CubeCraft?

    ive had sometimes ppl invis in ffa but it think its some sort of bug bc the next time i join the map back the same ppl are visable
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    Bedrock capes

    its sad but custom cape aint coming back i think
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    Free for All taking damage while running up stairs ffa

    is it just me or does other ppl have this aswell? If u run up stairs in ffa u take a half a hearth of damage.
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    CubeCraft Team History & Status

    its crazy to see how much ppl already worked for cubecraft
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    All Networks FFA - what makes it fun?

    i like ffa bc u can test yourself against others with a variety of kits
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    🦘 Parkour Map Update!

    gonna be honest that arcade map looks awsome
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    happy birthday

    happy birthday
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    😲 Another MinerWare Update - More Microgames!

    these ne these new minigames are soo good
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    best mod fr <3

    best mod fr <3
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