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  1. FreezeEngine

    Bedrock Blockwars Deathmatch

    Actually that is a good practice in game design to make it so that games are always close, it makes it feel intense and that YOU have a chance to make a difference. Not sure how to make it in deathmatch tho, mabe everyone from loosing team gets explosives 🗿
  2. FreezeEngine

    Coding Minecraft Keybinds Switcher! (Bedrock)

    Hey fellow Minecrafters! I'm excited to introduce you to MinecraftKeybindsSwitcher, a nifty tool that I've developed to make managing keybinds in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition a breeze! With this tool, you can now easily save and apply multiple keybind profiles, making it super convenient to...
  3. FreezeEngine

    Thanks for the follow! :)

    Thanks for the follow! :)
  4. FreezeEngine

    Coding New layer of moderation

    What a nice project! I can imagine inappropriate skins being number one in terms of reports amount on the network, this would make a good first defence against them :D By the way, it already is compatible with bedrock since you have web api interface for it, unless you want to make...
  5. FreezeEngine

    Coding Bedrock Online Leaderboards and API! (Unofficial)

    Hey everyone, I'm thrilled to announce some exciting news regarding the latest developments in CubeKingdom, as well as the progress made by myself and @MrSterdy. We have dedicated our efforts to developing unofficial online leaderboards and API, aimed at enhancing your online experience with...
  6. FreezeEngine

    All Networks Online leaderboards?

    I plan on releasing it soon (both api and web versions), but for now there is a Discord bot - Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboards Discord Bot
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