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  1. Fly☆Guy

    How long have you been playing cubecraft?

    I first played CC back on another account in 2018 on Xbox. I started getting involved in the community side around 2021 joining the discord and the forums. i first played Java edition in 2022 and have only played it twice ever since!
  2. Fly☆Guy

    Bedrock Adjustments to monster spawner mechanics in skyblock

    As a result of the 1.20 update the range ar which monster spawners in skyblock activate has drastically decreased. I think that the goal of this was to reduce lag but it also ruined lots of farms and made late game xp farming particularly difficult. Due to spawners only working within a certain...
  3. Fly☆Guy

    All Networks Make the Wither in Cubecraft Skyblock NOT destroy your world.

    I've fought the wither in skyblock and I think aslong as you make sure to fight it in an area without storage and without techical farms that would be destroyed you should be alright. I suggest to take care of it as quickly as possible next time get a power 5+ bow since its relatively cheap and...
  4. Fly☆Guy

    Bedrock If we all move to Hive then they have to change eggwars

    they wanted to release the update at the right time and the first week was always going to have changes and mishaps. Eggwars was adjusted on Java after season 2 was released on that platform and obviuously the same process was going to occur for Bedrock. The Devs and QAs are working very hard to...
  5. Fly☆Guy

    1.20 beta on Bedrock

    play testing this update was great fun! i hope waiting 8 months was worth it 👀
  6. Fly☆Guy

    🌸 Community Highlights - June 2023

    w freezeengine 💪💪💪💪
  7. Fly☆Guy

    The 1.19 migration to Bedrock

  8. Fly☆Guy

    Coding Bedrock Online Leaderboards and API! (Unofficial)

    I'm excited to see what's next for the Cube Kingdom Bots! 👀
  9. Fly☆Guy

    What is one thing that you will never forget?

    the pythagoras theorum. been imprinted in my brain since the age of 10.
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  11. Fly☆Guy

    🌻 Spring Event 2023 - New maps, Bloom bundle, Challenges! 🌺

    worst season? don't hate on spring 😤
  12. Fly☆Guy

    🌻 Spring Event 2023 - New maps, Bloom bundle, Challenges! 🌺

    dandelion trail is back 👀 cubecraft does it again even at their busiest 💪💪
  13. Fly☆Guy

    🍀 Community Highlights - April 2023

    FREEZEENGINE NO.1 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @FreezeEngine
  14. Fly☆Guy

    Cube Kingdom Community Survival Games Event

    ⚔️Cube Kingdom Survival Games Event⚔️ Hey Bedrock Cubecraft Community! We would like to announce Cube Kingdom’s First Partnered CubeCraft Event! We will be running a Survival Games event and you will get entered into the prize draw just by turning up and competing! (Read below for more...
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  16. Fly☆Guy

    Experience total quadratic sequence

    Heyo! Basically I got bored and decided to spend 5 minutes figuring out the quadratic sequence for the total amount of xp a player has ever earned. I thought it would be cool to share. n = player level - 1 (to account for starting level) u = xp progression through current level 100(n² + 9n) +...
  17. Fly☆Guy

    W mel!!!

    W mel!!!
  18. Fly☆Guy

    happy birthday!

    happy birthday!
  19. Fly☆Guy

    happy birthday!!! (1 minute late)

    happy birthday!!! (1 minute late)
  20. Fly☆Guy

    happy birthday!

    happy birthday!
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  22. Fly☆Guy

    Coding Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboards Discord Bot

    I fully agree, I think what Freeze has managed to do is incredible and far beyond any community coding project I have seem in my time. I hope this is the first of many 🤞
  23. Fly☆Guy

    Coding Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboards Discord Bot

    Heyo! My friend @FreezeEngine has been developing a really cool Discord bot that displays the leaderboards for the Bedrock Edition Cubecraft Server :cube_light:. For those of you that are interested in how the bot functions here is a basic rundown: The bot uses a Minecraft account to log in...
  24. Fly☆Guy

    tyty, i can send it to you if u like

    tyty, i can send it to you if u like
  25. Fly☆Guy


    if I missed any types of egg let me know
  26. Fly☆Guy


    In the spirit of easter, I think the question has to be asked. How do you like your eggs? me personally, scrambled >>>>
  27. Fly☆Guy

    Best FFA kits

    Heyo! I noticed in CubeCrafts latest 'Server Update 1.19' video that there is a new kit with tridents and depth strider boots being added to FFA. I wanted to know what the community's favourite FFA kits were and whether they think that the trident kit will be a good or bad choice to play with!
  28. Fly☆Guy

    what's the best type of potato?

    guys, guys, guys important question: what's the best type of potato? e.g. (roasted, new, baked, raw, sweet) me personally i like dauphinoise privated has the final say
  29. Fly☆Guy

    😃-Famous Youtubers on CubeCraft!

    tbh killing sgribl is standard at this stage lmao on a real tho i killed priv, salty, wild, sgrib, patsman, slates, axerzz and sapphire i need that conea64 kill ss
  30. Fly☆Guy

    What are your favourite Cubecraft cosmetics?

    my favourite cage has gotta be the green hot air balloon, my favourite prefix is pioneer, my favourite buddy is the saturn pet, my favourite cosmetic abive everything else is the witch magic trail (peak cubecraft creation)
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