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  1. yDomr


    41 ;)
  2. yDomr

    No hub hunt this year.

    it just can't be
  3. yDomr

    EggWars Anitta

    Pray and reflect on life 😔👍
  4. yDomr

    The Cubecraft Community Iceberg.

  5. yDomr

    Bedrock Beta Games Subscription Command

    I say the same
  6. yDomr

    All Networks Capture The Banner [With a twist]

    I think this game mode is very good
  7. yDomr

    AYO+ chad+ lvl 20+ Teams of 6

    Good Friend
  8. yDomr


    improve the network ;)
  9. yDomr

    All Networks Freelancers & Content

    Yes I remember the old minigames ;(
  10. yDomr

    All Networks the eggwars update

    The only thing I didn't like was the lag.
  11. yDomr

    I got my 5000th eggwars squads win!

    Congrats friend
  12. yDomr

    [Poll] Skins

  13. yDomr

    All Networks ~●survival

    Possibly if a mode like sky is applied but it would only be a limited world
  14. yDomr

    mut baz LB player cheating

    It looks pretty suspicious but it's because of your high ping
  15. yDomr

    EggWars Help

    In these cases, since it is 4, it is best to equip yourself and go for the egg, since if it were a duo or alone, it would be better to go for the egg.
  16. yDomr

    What device does everyone use?

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