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  1. HatrixDotCom

    Artwork HatrixDotCom's Artwork [PixelArt - Drawings]

    Welcome To My Artwork Hello! Welcome to my first Art Thread. I have made some graphics in the late month or so, and I'm just showing you some. I want to see your feedback so right what you think my graphics are capable of. No I will not be doing graphics for other players, This thread i made is...
  2. HatrixDotCom

    Clan Wars [Skywars]

    So many of you Skywar players probably don't know what clan wars are, The basic idea of clan wars is; Basically 2 teams (No more then 2!) Are all in a Skype call or in a group in TeamSpeak versing each other in best to 3 rounds. Those 2 teams are helping each other, because say for instance its...
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