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  1. Expectational

    Java New Ranks

    Totally agree with this, the fact that getting on top 3, 2 or 1 in basically any gamemode is nigh impossible. And yh, plus already exists as well. Also, IDK if it's permanent but I still thing leaderboards are removed online as of now (unless they've been readded and I haven't seen it).
  2. Expectational

    Java Reach Hacks

    Players/developers will find a way to modify anything done client-side. Movement, reach, hitboxes, teleportation, etc.. There is a way to exploit most mechanics that are calculated on your side and not that of the server.
  3. Expectational

    Java Make the parkour teleport a bit more lenient

    Hey there, So this is a general frustration that I have when I just try to play parkour on Cubecraft. The maps are great and all, but teleportation on a lot of the maps can be really annoying (it teleports you where you haven't necessarily fallen off). Here are some examples: If you jump onto...
  4. Expectational

    I saw a cheter

    Reporting a player for hacking requires video evidence. If you have video evidence, you can report Java hackers here https://reports.cubecraft.net/report and Bedrock hackers here https://www.cubecraft.net/forums/report-a-bedrock-player-or-bug.88/.
  5. Expectational

    Bedrock Level Compensation

    Like the idea as it provides constant motivation (as said), and also allows for people to have something other than updates to look forward to (as said). Would also be nice that there is some more loot to show off to people.
  6. Expectational

    Java Tower Defense 2v2 and 4v4's

    I agree with the first part of this. With Tower Defence and double income mode, it can quite easily get to a point where you have such a good defence that you really need at least 4 or 5 people to rush (if the other team knows how to defend properly) in order to even get them to the castle.
  7. Expectational

    Java Builders

    No chill on this guy I guess... Extremely expectant of others with complete disregard for personal life? Lol.
  8. Expectational

    Dropping stuff

    Like it. Maybe make it go directly into their inventory so they get the items if they hit them in the void? Or maybe those should just be permanently lost.
  9. Expectational

    Skywars lobby.

    Personally, I prefer the new system and it also makes it much easier for them to manage.
  10. Expectational

    Java Just an Idea

    -1 I don't think Cubecraft should turn into a marketplace. Also, I believe that it would be messy as it would be weird to have a subsection for selling accounts, but them not having any involvement for them. Also, I don't agree with selling accounts anyway.
  11. Expectational

    Changing the Price of Obsidian in OP

    Are you complaining that you get obsidian too fast then suggesting decreasing the price? Then, if you are referring to Overpowered, you give a higher price (3 and 5 gold).
  12. Expectational

    Coding Optifine triggers Sentinel

    It is quite normal for Anti Cheats to false ban/false flag for mods with mechanics like Optifine due to its smoothing of aim, however, it's quite easy to build in a way to stop it from triggering. I would assume that this is not something that has been overlooked in Sentinel, especially as I use...
  13. Expectational

    Java Tips for Eggwars beginners

    <3 Edgeless, such a great EggWars teammate. He handles the obsidian at the start of the game then goes on to destroy everyone else with me :). Don't really know how he manages to do it. Having a plan for how to start the game off is probably one of the most important things, because if you have...
  14. Expectational

    [Not hacked client] which client is best for minecraft pvp?

    Nah, takes barely any time for mine to load overall.
  15. Expectational

    [Not hacked client] which client is best for minecraft pvp?

    I just use Forge. It has the most advantages to me, because I can make my own mods and edit the mods inside of it to my liking. 100% freedom :D.
  16. Expectational

    Report will not work

    Make sure that you have Java selected and that you have typed the name "elichty" correctly again. I'm sure the staff will sort it out here anyways.
  17. Expectational

    More mods in 1.8

    Take some other servers that have looked for mass staff in short time frames. A majority have had issues from within their staff team that then creates community issues, making an annoyance for players. I'd rather it take 2 hours for my online reports to be handled, instead of having a community...
  18. Expectational

    Java Sentinel

    To add on: And that only solution is just... work... and work takes time. That's why I'll be patient with Sentinel, let the developers do their jobs and not nag them all the time. Instead, I'll just report the players that I see cheating online with sufficient evidence, and maybe 50% of the...
  19. Expectational

    Java Sentinel

    AntiCheats aren't easy to develop whilst trying to remain with a high level of legitimate bans compared to false bans. True xD. I can get like 3 - 15 bans on some days from reporting online.
  20. Expectational

    They admitted to hacking, but I somehow cant report it

    You must have video evidence to report a hacker. You can use a software such as OBS to record them, upload it to youtube.com and then make a report.
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