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    Bedrock Add an option to vote for eggwars classic gamemodes for ranked players

    Agreed, but the chances of this happening are really slim. I think some sort of ranked gamemode would be really fun.
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    Bedrock Add /rejoin command to eggwars

    idea: Add a /rejoin feature to eggwars. If your egg isn’t broken you can rejoin games but spawn in with no stuff.
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    Bedrock overpowered eggwars doesn’t feel like overpowered

    After playing the new eggwars update for hours and not finding any fun out of it, I feel that the new overpowered game mode feels a lot like season 1 normal, and the gap between normal and overpowered in season 2 is very small. I think that the cc devs should make armour protection 2 with the...
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    Bedrock If we all move to Hive then they have to change eggwars

    Clearly not by bringing out this update, it’s the middle of august and the game is still an outrage
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    Bedrock Nerf prot in normal eggwars

    And yet overpowered feels a lot like normal, all the game modes are unbalanced especially swords don’t have sharpness
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    Bedrock Eggwars uptade 2

    Enchantments are basically useless, as soon as campers go to middle, they never go back no one ever goes there any more.
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    Bedrock Make emerald enchants team upgrades

    The new enchant and emerald system I find boring as it shortens games in the long run and gives no structure to the game what so ever, especially with the random drops of emeralds around middle, the game feels more about breaking eggs and running off rather than general PvP. Like this update has...
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    Bedrock Make emerald enchants team upgrades

    I stated that if this was to happen prices would obviously inflate. I find emeralds nearly useless I only use them for discounts anyway.
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    Bedrock Make emerald enchants team upgrades

    But middle literally has no players, plus it will stop campers. I agree that giving the incentive to break eggs is important so that’s why if this was to work prices for enchants would be inflated and so would the emeralds earned upon breaking the egg or getting final kills
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    Bedrock Make emerald enchants team upgrades

    Reply: don’t just react with disagree give me a reason why u do.
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    Bedrock Make emerald enchants team upgrades

    I feel like emerald upgrades are a good idea but they need more of a structure. Firstly I feel that the enchants should be in the shop at your base to limit people building around these tables and blocking them. Secondly I feel that emerald generators should be back at middle but only used for...
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    Bedrock EggWars Season 2 beta (we need a change)

    I swear glass was blastproof too and with blastballs costing diamonds there are a lot more of them in an everyday game so this just shows you how minimal they thought about this update as a whole and how it would affect the community. It wasn’t needed either.
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    Bedrock Protection for enchanting tables

    I hate the new emeralds and I feel like the old use should come back as the enchants are a good idea they should just be added to the shop like unbreaking was for a few months. This update ruined eggwars as a whole
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    Bedrock Egg wars 's shop and factories

    The devs already addressed this idea and it would mean they will have to make another whole server/game mode just for the season 1 eggwars to load. I agree with u tho the season is awful
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    Bedrock Egg wars 's shop and factories

    Season leaderboards won’t be out until an official release of season 2.
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