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    Small bug with glowstone!

    If you have no fortune or lower fortune you’ll get one glowstone, the max glowstone with any fortune is 2 and I could be getting from 1-8 glowstone if this bug was fixed
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    Small bug with glowstone!

    No matter what fortune you have you will usually get 2 glowstone and I have fortnune 8 and 10 and none of them give me more then 2??? It’s a small fix can you fix it in your next bug update or whatnot
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    When will the end come 😔

    The end has said coming soon for years now and I have waited for ages I have almost finished every single quest and I’m doing to point we’re I might just quit but please can I have hints as to when the end comes out or spoilers,your ideas ect..
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    Lost all my items

    Same thing happend to both of my friends litterally like 2 days ago luckily o was not on but all ther items vanished is there a fix? Cause how are you gonna let a glitch like this slide
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    Question/ bug fix I think…

    If there’s any confusion with my grammar tell me cause I’m not editing it
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    Question/ bug fix I think…

    I can’t craft fireworks and in the past when I texted this people said to wait for the end update it this true or is this a bug that hasn’t been fixed and it been like this for months and you would think with a team like cubecracf they could have updated skyblock months ago but we haven’t...
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    snow golem

    You can buy snow ❄️ dingus
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    Crafting glitch cant complete quest

    I can’t craft rockets and I haven’t been able to for a while now…… Can a mod please answer, I know someone said to wait till the end comes out but that’s gonna take long so mods talk to your dev or whatever please? Pictures below for proof
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    2 Major skyblock glitches

    I am not allowed to craft fireworks for the Ocassion of celebration quest, And also the name tags of the mobs aren’t moving when the mob spawn the name tag freezes and the mob just goes down my mob farm
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    Skyblock can’t complete quest

    You can’t craft torches with charcoal so because of this we can’t do our skyblock quest
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    Cubecraft [bedrock]

    So do you know how I get them?
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    Cubecraft [bedrock]

    Pigmen are not dropping gold ingots I used looting swords,drop pits,killing in the nether only but they won’t drop any gold ingots but they do drop nuggets
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    Quest - Golden spoils

    me and like 4 people play a sky block and we have been stuck on this quest for a very long time we did the first part to get gold nuggets but for some reason we can’t get gold bars or when we try to smelt,kill pigmen or anything it doesn’t work and we can’t even get gold ingots from pigmen
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    Sky block griefed have a question

    Recently my friend told me to invite one of his friends to our skyblock he came in for like a hour or two and we got bored and got off the game I was watching Netflix and got bored so went on the sky block and it was griefed every spawner and we were about to unlock the nether island we had...
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