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  1. Shqts

    Assasination Prices

    These days there are just max 10 diamond fights a day and its getting boring, when you have diamond and less than 10 gaps and a hacker with an diamond sword and strength comes your basically dead and you have to start all over again, while diamond gear and a diamond sword costs 2790 coins and...
  2. Shqts

    Assassins montage

    So I'm trying to make this game populair again this summer break. If you would like to watch it:
  3. Shqts

    Assassination Leaderboard

    Hey guys (sorry for bad english btw) I'm back with a thread. So, Its impossible to get in the FFA leaderboard for a assassination player, there are everyday less then 20-30 people on assassination, and on FFA there are way more people, as you can see here...
  4. Shqts

    New assassination maps!

    Idea's for new assasination map!: City, Under da sae (EggWars map) Medieval, Scarif, Crait and Jungle! (Last 3 one devised by @_The13thDoctor_) Suayhn
  5. Shqts

    Assassinations Heal pots?

    Hey, I have a idea for assasinations! Instant health pots for 500 coins!, When you are in dia fight and you are low, U can throw health pots! -Shqts
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