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  1. K

    Awww... :D Thank you. <3

    Awww... :D Thank you. <3
  2. K

    I just use it to tell time, like those old clock criers, but instead of, "It's x-o'clock & all...

    I just use it to tell time, like those old clock criers, but instead of, "It's x-o'clock & all is well!!!", it's, "It's x-o'clock & cheating is against the rules." :P
  3. K

    Old Minecrafter New to SkyBlock

    Thank you all for all the welcomes. Yesterday I unlocked diamonds & am delighted- now having over 6 stacks, in addition to the diamond tools I've made. Yay! :D
  4. K

    Old Minecrafter New to SkyBlock

    It's definitely grindy, but that's not too bad with the right tools while listening to something else on youtube- unless the lag from my funky internet slows things to a crawl &/or boots me. While I feel accomplished as my world grows & progressively becomes more productive, also been taking...
  5. K

    Old Minecrafter New to SkyBlock

    Hello people of the CubeCraft forums. My name is Jenn, but I am also often called "Kath" as a shortening of my gamer handle, which is fine with me. I've been lurking here for at least a few days now, but the thought of trying to make an introduction post made me anxious. I've been playing...
  6. K

    Skyblock Glowstones quests

    It helps. I've recently done the first couple/few glowstone missions, & using the highest level of fortune I can put on my axe at any given time to great effect. I know for a fact it's making a big difference, as I've seen other people mentioning how difficult it is to get glowstone roots...
  7. K

    What would you do if the CubeCraft Forums shut down?

    I'd be wondering why my timing was so bad, as I only just recently joined.
  8. K

    Skyblock How do you place your ore?

    I place mine mostly vertically, wrapping around the location of the original tree on the oak forest island we start on, with one side stair-stepping upward. Creates a nice platform to look over my world, it's conveniently located, centered in the middle of my work area, is quite efficient, gets...
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