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  1. Thunder0903

    Battle Arena Update 🎉

    That came out a bit harsher then i intended lol. But all i mean, is maybe just include leather armor like with the wizard kit
  2. Thunder0903

    Bedrock Please Cubecraft... No more Snow!!

    As someone with a very mediocre computer, trying to record a yt video, listen to music, and do parkour is very difficult as it is, and it really doesn't help when the snow makes my computer move at like 5 fps. Seriously, make a function to remove the snow (only during winter)
  3. Thunder0903

    Bedrock Bedrock Duels Issue

    Yeah, I've seen the requeue thing like once, but when they decline the request i dont think it works
  4. Thunder0903

    Happy 124th birthday lmbo

    Happy 124th birthday lmbo
  5. Thunder0903

    Battle Arena Update 🎉

    Everything else looks great, but the stealth kit looks kinda garbage. Imagine a warrior vs stealth... or even beast or samurai vs stealth. 3 shot every time
  6. Thunder0903

    All Networks Chat filter word requests

    That's the same thing as saying "i hope you get sick," or "I hope you get Lyme disease." Seriously, you can't expect to honestly block every single sickness because it could come off as "toxic?" Alternatively, they could also just say covid, or covid-19, or the 'Rona... It really doesn't make...
  7. Thunder0903

    Bedrock Bedrock Duels Issue

    Bedrock duels has a serious problem, one that i'm sure a lot of us have noticed. It's just annoying that you fight the same player over and over again, but if they decline the rematch request, or if you do, you have to deal with returning to lobby. But if you put two items into your inventory...
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