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  1. MajorMythG

    Artwork CubeCraft Art Gallery! #1

    A collection of screenshots I gathered in the lobbies of CubeCraft!
  2. MajorMythG

    LI experiments #2: Food lucky blocks

    Respect. This is very interesting.
  3. MajorMythG

    CubeCraft YouTubers List

    I'll add you with my next update.
  4. MajorMythG

    CubeCraft YouTubers List

    If you meet the requirements!
  5. MajorMythG

    CubeCraft YouTubers List

  6. MajorMythG

    CubeCraft YouTubers List

    A few years ago, ProfParzival made a list of YouTubers on CubeCraft Bedrock. However, that list hasn't been updated in nearly 2 years, so I decided to update it myself. YouTubers are ranked from top to bottom by subscriber count, just like the original list. To be included on this list, you...
  7. MajorMythG

    Implemented Bedrock Why Birthday Map should be brought back.

    Yeah, I really hate the fact that Toys was revamped. It was a great map for fast games, and also really fun to play on. Under The Sea has always been a large map, and it feels even larger with the new block prices.
  8. MajorMythG

    What's your dream job?

    My dream job would be to work on historical documentaries. Maybe writing the scripts, or narrating.
  9. MajorMythG

    All Networks Underwater Duels Kit // FFA Map Sections!

    So recently, I was playing the Eggwars Squads map with the underwater section, and fought someone using Riptide, and though, "Hey, this is kind of fun!" Then I though, "What if there was a duels kit like this?" Basically, the kit would give you something like diamond armor, a Riptide trident...
  10. MajorMythG

    Bedrock Nerf tridents

    100% agree after playing Skywars for 15 minutes. Tridents can instantly end your games, and the fact that you can get them off Spawn Islands. . . .
  11. MajorMythG

    Video The CubeCraft Iceberg Part 2!

    Check this out if you haven't already, and want to learn more about CubeCraft facts, history, and more!
  12. MajorMythG

    Happy birthday, Patsman!

    Happy birthday, Patsman!
  13. MajorMythG

    Bedrock Alternate Versions of Eggwars & Skywars with Old Knockback

    This might sound crazy, but what if CubeCraft added an alternate version of Eggwars Duos & Skywars Solos, just with the Old Knockback that was present back in 2020 and before? Many of the old players who quit the server due to the knockback update may give it a try, and come back to playing...
  14. MajorMythG

    late congrats on partner

    late congrats on partner
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  16. MajorMythG

    thanks, privqted!

    thanks, privqted!
  17. MajorMythG

    Video The CubeCraft Iceberg Explained!

    A little late, but if you're interested in learning about CubeCraft, I'd recommend giving this a watch!
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  22. MajorMythG

    Bedrock Golden Apple Glitch

    I've been playing skywars on Bedrock for nearly a year, and I've noticed a very strange glitch. When you eat 1 gapple, every now and then another gapple will randomly disappear, and you never get it back. I've also noticed it really only happens in Skywars. I'm wondering if anyone knows why this...
  23. MajorMythG

    SkyWars Give us your SkyWars suggestions!

    I'm not really sure about that. Yes, it would honor a great YouTuber in Minecraft's History, but it would also feel about out of place Imo. Thats just my take
  24. MajorMythG

    Bedrock YouTube Rank exclusive trail Suggestion!

    I think it would be cool if CubeCraft added a trail for YT ranks. Mabye the particles be a circle of yt logos? Why do I think this? Well, the bedrock YouTube rank doesn't have any exclusive loot other than the prefix (YouTuber) so I think it would be cool if they added some! A cage, or youtube...
  25. MajorMythG

    👑 VIP Levels Update - 25 New Levels, Profile Images, 100 New Loot Items! ✨

    Good Update CubeCraft! For my whole life, I never thought spending hundreds of bucks on MC would be worth it, until now :DDD But also, Tbh its kinda expensive and also seems like a mony making method, but a very smart one!
  26. MajorMythG

    Please add sumo duels!

    I think that cubecraft should add sumo duels to Bedrock and Java because I feel like duels just dosn't feel as good as other servers because its missing something: sumo.
  27. MajorMythG

    🤺 Create a Duels Kit Competition

    I honestly just really want CubeCraft to add Sumo Duels
  28. MajorMythG

    🎉 Bedrock 4th Birthday - Map, Giveaway & Free cage!

    Happy Birthday! It's epic that cubecraft is four years old! I wonder what cube will look like at 10!
  29. MajorMythG

    🏹 SkyWars Update - New Maps, Tweaks & New Features!

    I think this update is good. The only thing I don't like is the adding of hay blocks.
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