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  1. WolfX

    Bedrock Make lobby parkour not count if you have /fly enabled

    I have vip 30, I can fly from the start of any parkour to the end of it and have the time count. I don't think this should be a thing, because without it we could finally get lobby parkour leaderboards, and I wouldn't have unknowingly completely ruined one of my times, a time I grinded...
  2. WolfX

    Bedrock Skyblock rank boost percentage when multiple people have the rank

    Currently as is, the game counts a max of 6 boosts per profile, one thats worth 10% and five that are worth 3% each. I feel as though that is a bit disappointing seeing as if the rest of the people don't inform you or already know that they will only contribute 3% instead of the standard 10%...
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