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  1. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock Drag should be banned (right click at least)

    Hey Recently cubecraft banned the tape as a measure for "dragclick" users but this new rule is not useful in my opinion. People still can spam/abuse of blocks (macroing/scaffolding) and call it "drag". this has gotten out of hand. even if u report them they can appeal with a "handcam" and gg...
  2. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock suggestions for bedwars

    Hi! as you may know, cubecraft recently added bedwars to beta games and i have a some suggestions for it. 1.- leather armor at the start. In most servers in which the "bedwars" mode exists, at the time of starting the game we already have leather armor as our basic armor and when we buy...
  3. ArGus_5155

    All Networks Eggwars tweaks

    u missed delete the strengh potion and trident
  4. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock Small skins?

    but the other players cant see the skin right?
  5. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock Small skins?

    daamnn good to knowww
  6. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock Small skins?

    If you have been in cubecraft for a long time, you will remember a time when many people used small skins. if I remember correctly they were removed due to certain "complaints" from some players. My question is, why remove it? it was a fun and different way to customize your skin. Also, even if...
  7. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock we need the old kb and protection IV

    Hace unos minutos estaba en el juego y descubrí que los últimos jugadores estaban acampando. antes de la actualización, si encontrabas gente así, podías tirarlos al vacío o incluso matarlos si eran muy malos. pero ahora sin proteccion 4 y con un kb que beneficia demasiado a los jugadores con...
  8. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock EggWars Season 2 beta (we need a change)

    Eggwars Season 2 Beta has been an update that left many of us disappointed and that drained our urge to play anymore. Therfore, I've come up with some suggestions that, in my opinion, will bring the Eggwars players back. Suggestions: Old Shop One of the things that we, as players, all...
  9. ArGus_5155

    All Networks Eggwars nice to have feature ?! (for Season 2)

    campers: 🤗 rushers: 💀😡😭
  10. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock Reduce lag on some EggWars Teams maps, fps boost

    Im not talking about slow connection, I mean fps different things
  11. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock Reduce lag on some EggWars Teams maps, fps boost

    hii I hope whoever is reading this is fine ^^ my suggestion is that on the map like food (Eggwars squads) remove the iron generator, this so that it doesnt generate so many entities and people like me dont lower the fps when going to the mid. in some Eggwars maps an iron generator at such a...
  12. ArGus_5155

    egg wars update?

      It's me in bedrock they removed one of the most OP things from the game The activation of the generators 10 seconds before the game greater capacity and speed of the generators map selection I find that among the most notable is the activation of the generators 10 seconds before I...
  13. ArGus_5155

    Bedrock OP mode is so hard

    In general, the OP mode is used more for fast games either because of the number of blocks or because of the prices in the store, so if you are more campeart, the diamond generator is more advisable to play normal ; )
  14. ArGus_5155

    Questions for the one who knows

    Hello, how are you? I have some questions for my first map 1.- the amount of generator and its location is designated by me or by the designers 2.-is there a maximum number of blocks? 3.-the islands can have references to the team color? 4.-in egg wars teams of 4 there is a minimum of...
  15. ArGus_5155

    Java destroy the nexus and Parties of more players

    1.-destroy the NEXUS Hello, how are you 👋😃 I wanted to ask you if in the future you will put this game in cubecraft java and bedrock since for my tastes it is very good and fun I would be very excited to play this game with friends 2.-parties of more players I would like them to increase...
  16. ArGus_5155

    Builds (Team EggWars)Garden of Eden

    Hello, can anyone help me? I wanted to know if when I create a map For egg wars I remove the blocks that are down or someone else does the same with the generators or the position of the egg etc. If any of you answer me, I thank you very much...
  17. ArGus_5155

    Builds (Team EggWars)Garden of Eden

    Muy bueno!
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