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    Bedrock why there still cave noise in cube craft lobby XD

    Yeah well its a issue Minecraft itselve has I would just reccomend to deactivate cave sounds😂 U can also keep it on if u wanna be scared by them bec these cave sounds are one of the disturbing sounds on this world😂

    Bedrock Skyblock How do i type in signs

    Why would u use signs bro💀😂 just type and if u cant bec ure muted well that sucks but if ur chat is mainly off u can activate it on the microsoft website👍

    Bedrock Java Let's Talk About Our Favorite CubeCraft Games!

    Well I love skywars and Battle arena but also skywars duels or just the normal duels. I also enjoy playing Minerware with some frieds because u can troll em so they rage or smh like that😂 well yeah I used to play like allot allot survivalgames but I focused on skywars bec if u get good in pvp...

    EggWars Bridging

    make sure u keep the buttons in position and the crosshair is facing straight down. I would also suggest that u try it offline in creative so it goes more fluently without any errors.

    Bedrock Are more people experiencing this?

    I would say that you cant do much ab it. It looks like the players themselves have a bad connection with the servers. U could also play more when a smaller number of ppl are playing so u can avoid serverlags🙃

    Sup im new

    Sup guys I just joined the forum. Just call me Backfisch. Well im mainly playing skywars but everything else is also cool if u wanna play just tell me

    Is this jump possible?

    Yeah well all jumps should be possibe bec I don't think that they are just published without being tested
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