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  1. Insufficiently

    Java Sentinel needs to be fixed as soon as possible (any ETA?)

    I see cheaters more and more frequently in my games and even when it is extremely blatant nothing is done despite many different players issuing multiple reports on the same player. Sometimes it takes up to 45 minutes where the cheater is flying around and using all sorts of other cheats during...
  2. Insufficiently

    Java Increase the amount of iron given from the Money Bag kit

    I used to always prefer the money bag kit over others as I could easily bridge to mid before everyone else and gather up all of the resources there before anyone else could. After the new Java Update to Eggwars clay was replaced by concrete which had a price increase. Meaning that you now get...
  3. Insufficiently

    Java Remove netherite swords and netherite armor

    They make games longer and with netherite armor you take no knockback at all. Which is the only strategy you can resort to when you yourself don't have a good sword or just iron armor. Before the new Java Update for Eggwars you could use different methods to take less knockback but they at least...
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