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    Bedrock Eggwars emerald spawners

    Also, to be fair taking away the emerald generator would raise lots of conflict, and the game probably wouldn’t be the same, such as maps having to change because for example if there was four generators and the emerald one got deleted, the they would have to add another one therefore the whole...
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    Bedrock Eggwars emerald spawners

    Aside from all the reasons you have provided, what do you think about emerald generators in all?
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    What is the most funny/awkward/random thing you’ve seen said in chat during a game?

    Milk first im not having soggy cereal, milk first
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    😔 Oh no- | TCCT

    Oof, I’ll write more next week!
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    All Networks cool sound or chat effect for chinese players!

    This is interesting but I don’t think it’s important enough to be added, and you can be a Chinese living in other countries, just like a Chinese living in England, like me
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    Denied Mini-Modding should be Punishable

    I think it’s fine to answer questions in English chat, but only staff haven’t answered for hours. Simple questions like “how to I report a hacker” or “how to apply for staff” are really simple, which are all answerable by average players. You shouldn’t answer questions in staff help if you’re...
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    Bedrock Command Suggestion

    Frankly, I agree. there should be a command where it introduces different game modes to new players.
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    wow !

    wow !
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    Bedrock Team chat

    This is a really good idea, and maybe soon more people will hear about it! I also want this feature added lol 👀
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    Denied Time Changer In The Lobby

    This seems like a fun idea honestly
  13. sweetgembi1116

    🎓 Setting High Bars - TCCT #31

    So well written as usual ;) sorry you had to write this week Eef
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