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  1. epicwolf6459

    All Networks Cubecraft being bad for all of 2024

    Dear CubeCraft, As a community we know you do not care, but I would like to just say it all started downhill at the start of 2024 with the devil lucky block pack. This is what lead the great YouTuber Riftz to lose his partnership due to speaking out about it. Next we have the 10v10 blockwars...
  2. epicwolf6459

    Bedrock Mounts in lobbies (suggestion)

    I think it would be super cool after the addition of the hot air balloon and train in the bedrock lobbies, but I think it would be cool if you could unlock mounts like bikes, cars, horses in the lobbies to add some life to them. And if you could unlock them by vip ranking up and buying them off...
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